The new work by Ángel Pichardo Almonte reveals his ingenuity to write stories from Quantum Physics

The writer Angel Pichardo Almonte released its most recent construction site literary “The Paths of Being and other quantum stories”, a book in which the writer assumes the possibilities offered by Quantum Physics to play with the simultaneity and probability of time in writing, stringing together stories in a non-linear way.

The activity was carried out in a special environment, where the author himself made an allegorical artistic installation to the contents of the book and that served as a delight to the crowded and varied attendance, who, defying the rain that had fallen all afternoon, moved to the Teachers Club of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), in the area in front of the Güibia beach.

As the attendees arrived at the place “they toured the different stages of the stage, where it was possible to appreciate a deep feeling of the artist with the processes that mark human beings and the strength that must be had to combine intelligence, creativity and confidence to overcome, in unity with other people, the obstacles and situations that interfere with the full and dignified development of human beings.

In addition, Pichardo Almonte stated that the transcendence of being is achieved in collective construction.

The book is made up of seven stories, the first is “El reencuentro”, dedicated to Manuel Tejeda Florentino, a doctor disappeared by the Trujillo family and at the same time, pays tribute to the people who disappeared during the Trujillo tyranny.

To highlight this painful situation, which not only affects the direct victims of forced disappearance, but also the entire family, the community and the people in general, the author “prepared a special installation where, from a cage, symbolizing the repressive force, inside it placed a vessel with a dark interior and inside a light that symbolizes that the forcibly disappeared persons are still present in our lives through their examples and our struggles”.

Angel Pichardo Almonte It was corroborated by the UASD physics professor, Félix Cid, who in his prologue written for the book assures that in the text we can find elements of quantum physics that provide a totally innovative creativity.

The book was commented by the teacher Anitza Gutiérrez, from the area of ​​Art Criticism and History of the Faculty of Arts of the UASD, who highlighted the literary contributions made by the author and proceeded, from an interesting essay that she read to those present, to highlight the qualities of each of the stories included in the aforementioned construction site.

On his side, the author explained that “The Paths of Being and Other Quantum Tales” is that journey that people take during life, always trying to seek transcendence.

The activity began with a trumpet and violin duo, led by Mártires Familia and their son Mártires junior, who performed the song Caminante no hay camino, se camino al andar. Then, Rafael Domínguez spoke about his experience in the layout and design of the book and the anecdotes of the creative process with the author, whom he cataloged as a genius.

The act concluded with great enthusiasm, with the same touches of violin and trumpet, after which the author shared with the people who acquired copies of the text, to whom he wrote special dedications.

Angel Pichardo Almonte born on February 29 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is a Doctor of Medicine from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, an academy in which he is a teacher in the school of sociology. He develops his professional activities as a social researcher, sociocultural animator and holistic medicine. He is an internationalist revolutionary militant. Inevitably poet. Likewise, he is the author of “Teach me to love and other stories”, “Daily reflections: being that loves transforms”; Everyday revolution, spirituality and politics”; “Pedagogy of solidarity”, “Approach from the culture of domination: androcentrism, prevention of gender-based violence and intervention with male aggressors”, among other writings and articles published in Dominican and international media.

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The new work by Ángel Pichardo Almonte reveals his ingenuity to write stories from Quantum Physics