In the months of February and March, the Senegalese people had been entitled to the judicial soap opera relating to an alleged defamation of an alleged white-collar criminal, moreover, an eminent member of the politico-bureaucratic mafia, who presides over the destinies of our unfortunate Nation.

This sad affair had finished dispelling our last illusions about the Senegalese democratic model. Its most (melo)dramatic episodes, which had moreover known a worldwide repercussion, had been those where the special forces (BIP, GIGN) had, twice, smashed the windows of the vehicles of the leader of the Pastef.

Then came the month of April marked by strong moments, including the ritual annual celebration, organized by the temporal power, of our true false independence, so aptly qualified as a dé-fete (defeat) by the FRAPP. It experienced a particular brilliance, at the end of the second term, as if to conceal the atmosphere of the end of the regime, with its repressive overtones and its barely veiled threats (tanks, tear gas drones, etc.).

Then, our compatriots, almost all of whom are followers of Christianity and Islam, closed their periods of fasting respectively with the Easter celebration and the feast of Eid-el-Fitr, both of which were strongly impacted by austerity. economic.

It was during this period imbued with spirituality and conducive to the promotion of civic values ​​and a civic spirit, marked by conviviality and communion, that the two godchildren of the pope of Sopi, such as Laurel and Hardy, chose to unfold their insipid political “soap opera” to the tune of “je t’aime, moi non plus”.

On closer inspection, the two liberal accomplices, who if they did not keep the cows at the same time, must have certainly drunk plenty of tea together, now only count on the tricks and the instrumentalization of the institutions to maintain power within the liberal family. And for good reason ! Their chances of running for and/or winning the next presidential election are next to nil.

And it is not by using the old recipes of their former political godfather that they will achieve this, because they have become obsolete, over time, when one thinks of the concept of the contribution party and the pendulum logic oscillating between government entryism and pre-election resignation. But we must recognize Mr. Wade, that he had the genius to transform himself, going from the status of a statesman concerned with the preservation of public order to an agitator without qualms, who advocated direct confrontation against the forces of order…, which is only one of the many forms of political combat, which we must beware of systematically assimilating to terrorism.

All this to say that the leader of Rewmi with his resignation letter oscillating between obsequiousness and servility, containing an offer of service as accommodating leader of a new “His Majesty’s opposition” did not retain all the lessons of his mentor and gives him the appearance of a Trojan horse in the opposing camp.

In the end, all these gestures by liberals, members of the old political guard, including this last-minute political dialogue, only seek to reinforce the scenarios of an oil autocracy or a gas emirate, to monopolize our national wealth for their benefit and that of their imperialist masters. We only want, as proof, these clumsy attempts to criminalize the political opponents whom we seek, with the help of instrumentalized justice, to caricature in the guise of terrorists threatening our republican and democratic gains, in a context of Holocaust denial of the existence of political detainees and attacks on freedoms. The object of the game is to justify an extension of Benno Bokk Yakaar’s regime through the necessary evil of an illegal and illegitimate “second five-year term”.

It is precisely this way of doing politics that young people reject and which explains the growing success of new generations of politicians fighting for a more just social order and the liberation of Africa.