The municipality delivered training certificates to more than 300 enterprises

The Municipality of Rosario delivered diplomas this Monday to more than 300 entrepreneurs at the Roberto Fontanarrosa Cultural Center (San Martín 1080), who were trained through the Rosario Emprende Program, an initiative framed in the Cuidar Plan that focuses on the work of the social economy.

During the meeting, a video was shown with testimonials from program participants, and then a table-panel was set up with the presence of the Undersecretary of Social Economy, Pablo Nasi Murúa, and three entrepreneurs of various profiles who attended the program’s training workshops. The conversation, led by the presenter-journalist, Cecilia Moro, focused on the work experiences of the guests.

In times of economic adversity, promoting entrepreneurship and generating alternatives to employment were the ideas that prevailed both on the part of the entrepreneurs and those who represented the municipal management.

The secretary of Human Development and Habitat of the municipality, Nicolás Gianelloni, was present at the meeting, who expressed: “We put our hearts to help people get ahead, together with the mayor Pablo Javkin, who supports us in each of the ideas. We want to thank you, the entrepreneurs, and also recognize the work that the entire Social Economy team has been doing, and the teachers. We are doing many good things in Rosario, we are proud of you, each one is an example that you can do something different with your hands, your creativity and your hearts, and thus get ahead. Rosario has good news and today it is you. Thank you very much”.

For his part, Undersecretary Nasi Murúa expressed his satisfaction with the commitment of those who participated in the initiative: “This type of activity is important and fills us with pride because you make the Social Economy, we are an instrument to ensure that your ventures come true.”

And he continued: “I want to thank the entire Social Economy team that works every day so that the processes are carried out and are successful. And fundamentally thank you, because not everyone takes this opportunity to put into practice the desire to build a business and thus have the possibility of having a job”.

Nasi Murúa concluded: “We formed a working alliance with you, the entrepreneurs, and we want it to continue. We have many proposals for 2023. Thank you very much for betting on the Social Economy”.

learn to undertake

One of the entrepreneurs who was at the table-panel was Ornela Berardi, who studied pastry and left her job in a dependency relationship to gamble on her own venture. “I wanted to do something else because she saw him stagnant. I started the ABC course and going through it I realized that I could do more. I am very happy because I learned a lot in a short time, the teachers are always at the foot of the canyon. I value my work and it’s worth the effort.”

Sandra Román writes about spirituality and tarot, among other things, and recounted: “I investigate feminine spirituality, I went out to find my truth and I wrote some books that have a psychological meaning. I loved the Social Economy project, the training, the contents are super practical and precise and make you go down to earth”. And she expanded: “Meeting other entrepreneurs makes us create things together. We are not alone, this is evolving. I am very grateful to find all these people.”

Roberto Barbosa is a journalist and photographer, and since 2017 he began to dedicate himself to the dissemination of neighborhood children’s soccer clubs. “I did well and I had the opportunity to take the ABC course, I learned more every day. It is a very good job carried out by the entire Social Economy team. The teachers put their hearts into him and he sees himself reflected in the success of all who are present. We are growing year after year. It was a great experience”.

Rosario Undertakes

The Rosario Emprende program is a strategic project that the Municipality of Rosario carries out from the Secretariat of Social Economy; It is committed to generating greater socio-productive inclusion through the training, development and promotion of efficient and effective enterprises. It offers tools to accompany the entrepreneur in his path of insertion, subjective strengthening, social inclusion and promotion and development of his business.

care plan

The Caring Plan involves the municipal State in the political and social organization of care as an essential activity for the well-being of the population, within a framework of co-responsibility between the public and private sectors, in the community and within families.

Care encompasses the set of both paid and unpaid activities that guarantee people’s well-being, and implies multidimensional support: material, economic, moral and emotional.

The initiative implies, on the one hand, the unification of all the teams, resources and actions of the municipal State to work together on the inclusion and care of the people who need it most in each of the city’s neighborhoods and, on the other hand, On the other hand, the call to all organizations in the city to join this network of care and work on the lines of intervention of the plan.

The municipality delivered training certificates to more than 300 enterprises