The MerAteneo cycle is back for the 10th year

“MerAteneo” is back, the series of cultural conferences, from February to May, which will touch on various themes: from Alessando Manzoni, to Russia up to military strategies in the Middle Ages. The meetings will be held on Friday afternoon in the auditorium of the municipality of Merate and registration will be required.

In Merate, from 17 February to 12 May 2023
10th Academic Year of MerAteneo, the Spring 2023 session

The message of the Councilor for Culture

In this session of Merateneo different aspects of culture, art and history will be addressed
modern history of Russia that will help us better understand the conflict that is unfolding in the heart of the
European continent. Russian culture is unique, particularly fascinating.
Furthermore, on the 150th anniversary of the death of Alessandro Manzoni, specific lessons could not be missing ed
insights related to the writer which will be followed by cultural initiatives that will be promoted by mine
Councilorship during the year 2023.
Finally, through the knowledge of the archaeological sites of the province, it will be interesting to discover our roots and
our identity to strengthen the link with the territory.
“MerAteneo” will continue to amaze you.
I wish you all a good “journey down memory lane and knowledge”.


Councilor for Tourism and Cultural Promotion

Anniversaries, novelties and great returns in the new session

MerAteneo also continues in 2023 with a program full of insights. In particular, on occasion
of the 150 years since his disappearance, we will learn about Alessandro Manzoni as a man, immersed in his own
historical and above all family context, as well as through the extraordinary musical tribute composed by
maestro Verdi for his funeral.
We will also continue with insights into Russia, a country at the center of today’s events, from
culture as fascinating as it is unknown, completing the history cycle started last session, e
adding meetings on the figures of writers and artists. We will re-propose disciplines dear to MerAteneo, such as the
Psychology, this year in a completely new formula with two speakers on stage, Archaeology, to discover the
our territory, and great returns such as the lessons on Dante. As always there will be some small news:
in fact, this year we will also talk about weapons and military strategies in the Middle Ages.


Scientific direction and coordination



All lessons will take place on Friday afternoon according to the pre-established calendar from 2.30 to 4.45 pm in the “Giusi Spezzaferri” Auditorium (Piazza degli Eroi, 3). All participants must comply with the Covid regulations in force at the time of the conferences.

Pre-registrations will be possible from Tuesday 17 January by sending an e-mail to:
· in the subject: pre-registration MerAteneo spring 2023
· in the text: name, surname, telephone, e-mail, residence.


Confirmation of pre-registration will be sent via email together with payment instructions
of the registration fee.


Cost for the entire session in presence:
– for residents euro 35
– for non-residents euro 40

There are no refunds in the event of non-attendance or interruption of face-to-face lessons due to causes

sanitary. In this case the session will be completed by activating the online use mode.

For enrollment info:

Merate Library, Piazza Riva Spoleti 1, Telephone: 039/9903147,,

For information on the programme:


Friday 17 February
14.30 history and fights
The evolution of armour, between efficiency and custom · marco rampinelli
15.30 dante alighieri
Vita Dantis: the man and his story · claudia crevenna
Friday 24 February
14.30 psychology
Resilience and communication · manuela pirotta
15.30 history and fights
Weapons: forms, uses and functions · marco rampinelli
Friday 3 March
14.30 history and fights
The battlefield: tactics and strategies · marco rampinelli
15.30 dante alighieri
La Vita nova: the diary of a love affair, and much more · claudia crevenna
Friday 10 March
14.30 around the books
Checkers and coats. Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol ivan hunchbacked
15.30 archeology
Monte Barro: an archaeological site from the Goth era in the province of Lecco · luca codara
Friday 17 March
14.30 history of art
Russian painting between spirituality and abstractionism. Icons by Andrej Rublev Manuela Beretta
15.30 archeology
Monte Barro: the buildings and the finds · luca codara
Friday 24 March
14.30 around the books
Idiots and inquisitors. Fedor Michajlovic Dostoevskij · ivano hunchbacked
15.30 Alessandro Manzoni
Goethe, Manzoni and the Milan of Romanticism. From the Europe of the Grand Tour to the Cameretta portana · mauro
Friday 31 March
14.30 psychology
Dialogue on resilience, the story of Milton Erickson · manuelapirotta, stefano gagliardi
15.30 Alessandro Manzoni
Goethe, Manzoni and the Milan of Romanticism. A strange friendship: Wolfgang Goethe and Alessandro Manzoni
mauro lipstick
Friday 14th April
14.30 history of art
Russian painting between spirituality and abstractionism. The Dreams of Marc Chagall Manuela Beretta
15.30 Alessandro Manzoni
Manzoni’s dangerous liaisons. The changes in Lombard society through the events of the family
by Don Lisander · mauro rossetto
Friday 21st April
14.30 psychology
Communication, how we talk to each other, how they talk to us · manuela pirotta, glenda franchin
15. 30 archeology
Monte Castelletto in Pescate: a recently identified medieval castrum · luca codara
Friday 28th April
14.30 history of art
Russian painting between spirituality and abstractionism. The geometries of Kazimir Malevich · manuela beretta
15.30 History of Russia
Catherine II: absolutism and enlightenment together · don ivano colombo
Friday 5 May
14.30 music
Verdi for Manzoni: the Requiem · alberto longhi
15.30 History of Russia
Alexander I: the sense of the Russian fatherland was born in the Napoleonic struggle · don ivano colombo
Friday 12 May
14.30 around the books
War and peace. Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy · hunchbacked ivan
15.30 History of Russia
Nicholas I: the illiberal tsar · don ivano colombo

The project in brief: who, what, when

The MerAteneo cultural project is an initiative of the Municipality of Merate with the support of the Civic Library.
The scientific management and organization are entrusted to the social cooperative LIBERI SOGNI Onlus.
MerAteneo is an opportunity for those who want to enjoy the pleasure and richness of culture. Being together.
Like a small university open to all citizens of all ages, MerAteneo offers a rich choice of courses and
meetings held by experts of the various disciplines addressed.
MerAteneo understands culture as personal growth, through the sharing of values ​​and examples
highest that come from all experiences of Knowledge.
The autumn session, which opens the tenth edition of MerAteneo, will take place from 17 February to 12 May
Where is it:

Merate, new Municipal Auditorium at the Town Hall (Piazza degli Eroi 3).

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The MerAteneo cycle is back for the 10th year