The living cultures of the north, present in the 2022 Yaqui Peoples Program

As part of the actions to serve, claim Y encourage respect Y recognition of native peoples promoted by the Government of Mexico, the Ministry of Culture, through the General Directorate of Popular, Indigenous and Urban Cultures (DGCPIU)in collaboration with the Regional Unit of Sonora, will carry out the 2022 Yaqui Peoples Program.

The goal is the strengthening and the revitalization of the yaqui language, Spiritualitycycles and traditional festivals, in general, items what cmake up Yaqui culture and identity, and in this way, promote actions aimed at fulfilling the commitments established with the traditional authorities in the Justice Plan for the Yaqu People, which has as its goal to compensate the historical debt with the indigenous peoples of the country, as instructed by the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

At the same time, it seeks to promote a space in which bearers of the Yaqui culture reflect on the ritual, medicinal, gastronomic and dance knowledge that they have preserved for generations.

In this sense, from the month of October to the month of novemberare carried out eight workshops children and youth aimed at strengthening linguistic diversity; the traditional song of women; the elaboration and use of pascola masks, rattles, drums, flutes and tenebaris; as well as of violin learning and the harp in the communities of Loma de Bacúm, Village of Vícam, Loma de Guamúchil and Huírivis.

The next November 4thwill take place “Meeting of women in the Yaqui culture: plants that feed and heal”, which will bring together cooks and healers who will participate in an open dialogue around their knowledge. In addition, there will be a tasting of 28 representative dishes of the ceremonial food of the eight Yaqui towns and the editorial presentation will take place like grains of sand, as well as musical presentations and songs from the towns of the north of the country, with the participation of the Comcáac Children’s Choir and the Musical Ensemble of the “Bemela Sewa” Creative Seedbed; the Yaqui singer María Magdalena Ortiz García, the traditional Comcáac singer Valentina Torres Molina; as well as the groups Dueto Lagunero, Trío Primavera and Leyenda campirana.

On the other hand, the November 6thwill be carried out “9th Meeting of pascolas and deer”, in Pueblo Vicam. This will convene 18 groups of dancers, made up of children, youth and adults from the Yaqui peoples, as well as Mayo, Guarijío and Seri communities.

With actions such as these, the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico, through its Directorate of Popular, Indigenous and Urban Cultures, responds to the demands of the Yaqui peoples in the sense of having adequate cultural spaces for recreation and transmission of dances, music, songs and other artistic expressions towards youth and childhood, in which ritual procedures, ceremonies, values ​​and their own worldview can be taught.

The dates and times of these activities can be consulted on the page culturespopulareseindigenas.gob.mxas well as on social networks Facebook: @CulturasPopularesOficial, Twitter: @dgcpopulares, and Instagram: @Culturas.Populares and Tik Tok @dgcpiu.

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The living cultures of the north, present in the 2022 Yaqui Peoples Program – Diario Portal