The International Exhibition “The Cribs of the Cloister” opens tomorrow at the UTL of Fasano

More than seventy artistic cribs on display for the ninth edition

FASANO – Tomorrow, 10 December 2022, at 17.30, at the UTL headquarters of the Portici delle Teresian, the inauguration ceremony of the International Exhibition “The Cribs of the Cloister. Art Inclusion Peace “, now in its ninth edition.

The same will remain open until 15 January 2023, and can be visited free of charge every day, from 18.00 to 20 and, for groups, upon notice (mobile 3478879033), also in the morning from 10 to 12.

For years the University of Free Time of Fasano, chaired by Prof. Palmina Cannone, has been working with the Board and active members to disseminate the tradition of the Nativity scene by offering miniature architectural and natural masterpieces that tell the story of the landscape, of folklore , of peasant and artisan civilization, of the faith and devotion of our communities and of other peoples of the world.

This year there are many new features: the Sanctuary of Iaddico (Brindisi), the Bell Tower of San Benedetto (Conversano), the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, the Torrione, the Town Hall and the coat of arms (Fasano), Alberobello, Locorotondo and much more even more. Furthermore, Mr. Francesco Corallo of Villa Castelli is present with his cribs on his bicycle, who has been spreading the figure of Papà Presepio for years.

«A dad – says Francesco – who comes home in the evening and with the same work clothes and dedicates himself to preparing the crib as a family. The figure of Papa Presepio is in stark contrast to that of Santa Claus, the result of the frenetic consumerism of recent times. It is up to us – followed by ours – to bring Christmas to the pinnacle of spirituality by celebrating its true meaning. The Papa Presepio costume consists of a light blue coat with the upper part covered with stars to symbolize a starry sky and is equipped with a bicycle bearing the Presepio on the front rack».

About seventy crib works from renowned artists, as well as from the Lecce school of papier-mâché and beyond, are exhibited at the exhibition. One of all, the master prof. Francesco Invidia, whose works owned by museums, galleries and private individuals, are present in the world: In the Vatican, at the Quirinale and in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Poland; and overseas, from the United States to Canada up to Canberra (Australia) and Bethlehem. Francesco Invidia, master papier-mâché from Squinzano (Le), but resident in Francavilla Fontana, exalts the historic school of papier-mâché in Lecce, sublimating the divine, the beating heart of his creations. Many Apulian associations present at the Universitas Fasanese review with their works: the “Eterogenea” Cultural Association of Mesagne, with the “Le Ali di Mirna” Art Gallery, the “AMAR Down” Association of Martina Franca, the Italian Association “Amici del Presepio”, headquarters in Taranto, the Peruvian “Arte Color Y Sabor”, headquarters in Crispiano and the Arcaista Academy of Fine Arts, the Coordination of Fasanesi Associations, and the ceramics of Lucia Patronelli and Ciro Bentivoglio .

The other cribs on display come from Peru to the Apulian towns, from Rome to Calabria, from Sicily to Liguria, and were made using different techniques and the most varied materials, almost all poor or recycled: wood, olive tree bark, iron, polystyrene, plaster, felt, papier-mâché, dry pasta, resin, glass, weaves of olive tree shoots, cork, rocks, crocheted wool and cotton, bobbin lace and macramé, bread dough and even sugar cubes.

On the sidelines of the Exhibition: the Personal Photography “The characters of the crib and the sculptures” by Martino Murat; the Fasano Ancient Arts Museum with artifacts from the period; the exhibition of works relating to the main Fasano traditions, including a precious stone stele on which the master stonemason Aldino Valentini engraved the Canticle of the Creatures of St. Francis of Assisi; the personal exhibition of the painter Rosita Achille di Crispiano; and, finally, the eighteenth-century Bambinello di Praga, courtesy of the Confraternity of San Francesco di Paola and La Salette.

The event is sponsored by the Province of Brindisi and the Municipality of Fasano and is part of the Christmas program of the Fasano administration.

The University offers a varied choice of offers to children, young people and those who are advanced in years, so that everyone can spend a few hours in a joyful atmosphere and experience magical emotions.

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The International Exhibition “The Cribs of the Cloister” opens tomorrow at the UTL of Fasano