The importance of connecting with our essence

youEverything that happens to us, what worries us or the situations that we experience and those that we detect around us, have a reason for being. Discovering that reason is our task and, if we succeed, we simply gain power, self-control and security.

Thus, we must all connect with our essence. We must discover, from our inner world, what we need to achieve the harmony, tranquility and peace that we so long for.

Doing that is essential, since the lack of connection with our interior can lead us to feel a feeling of significant emotional emptiness.

Is it your case?

Keep in mind that if feelings of sadness invade you and you can’t find any cause to feel this way, it will be necessary to scrutinize what is in your soul to understand what worries you.

And when you find such reasons, you will achieve the stability that you have long desired.

The connection with your interior implies acting in tune with it. It means accepting your own being, as it is and as it appears, devoting time and space to understand what you feel and how to act when faced with something that afflicts you.

I ask you to make a sincere self-assessment of what you have done with your life, without this implying that you throw yourself at the ready.

When you identify behaviors that you don’t like, what you should do is calmly and nonjudgmentally observe those behaviors.

You will discover how, behind your apparent defects, there are many stories of your life that are unresolved and that you have not attended to because of your eagerness to want to hide them or get rid of them without finding out their genesis.

This introspection will be very useful, among other things, to learn to see your problems with a cool head; In addition, you will be able to solve them more easily and in a better way or, at least, you will be able to live with them without negatively and permanently altering your own state of mind.

Look at things calmly and realize that the problems you have to face today are not as serious as they seem at first sight. Although it is true that they take them out of their placid life and their comfort, and that they also imply that they have to make some changes in their way of life, which will even require certain sacrifices, it is also true that in the long run they will be very beneficial. because they will allow you to learn valuable life lessons.

Open wide the windows of your mind and your heart so that renewing winds enter and shake old memories and obsolete principles, among other things, so that they also carry away old guilt and bitter memories that have tied you to the past and have slowed you down. your progress.


* Nobody makes a padlock without its respective key; In the same way, God does not leave you submerged in problems, without giving you a hand: He gives you the key so that he can solve them! When he faces anguish or when his faith weakens, ask the Creator for wisdom to carry on.

* Sometimes the ‘bad’ things that happen to him, deep down, serve him to mature and grow as a human being. On the other hand, he does not blame God for the difficulties that come his way, ultimately everything that happens has a purpose from which he will always come out stronger.

* Family plays a central role in your world, as it helps you find joy, purpose and hope. Your parents and children don’t need to be perfect, they just need to stick together, no matter what. When you feel something is missing, just look at your home and understand that you have it all.

* The greater your humility, the closer you will be to greatness. How many falls have you had because of his arrogance? Call on the Lord for help in the midst of failure and He will shelter you. Be careful: many situations depend on you, but others depend on God.


Concerns frequently assault our state of mind, especially at this time. However, with each questioning we have one more chance to face a new horizon, either reasoning or applying healthy strategies for the soul. What are those fears that affect you today? Tell us about them to reflect on it. Send your testimony to Euclides Kilô Ardila at the following email: In this column, he will answer you himself. Let’s see today’s case:

Testimony: “I confess that for a while everything has been going wrong for me and I don’t know why. Although I’m fine and I wouldn’t have a ‘valid’ reason to be frustrated, I must tell you that for me to achieve something means stumbling over and over again and waiting for time to pass without visualizing any progress. I’ve cried a lot because something I long for doesn’t come out, no matter how hard I work on it. I know that crying is for the weak, but sometimes I feel faint. I would appreciate it if you could give me your sage advice.”

Answer: Do not be afraid to cry, that is not weakness. Sometimes it is necessary to let the feelings out and allow them to flow to vent.

What you shouldn’t do is focus all the time on the ‘bad’ and get stuck there. Cry now and then continue on the road!

As for achieving what you long for, remember that trees grow slowly, precisely, to bear better fruit. Good things know how to make themselves wait and they happen in God’s time, not yours. What do I want to tell you? That he needs patience and effort to reach any goal and, therefore, he cannot let frustration get the better of him.

If everything is going wrong today, focus on what you can improve; the rest must let it flow. Little by little, things are opening up.

Reading your letter I realize that you are focusing more on your failures than your blessings.

Obviously some adjustments need to be made and one of them is to look at your world and surroundings in a more hopeful way.

Analyze what you have, value it and thank God for the opportunities you have to grow. At the same time, you can create a plan to get where you want, knowing that you must take firm steps to crystallize it.

Finally I tell him that not everything is in his hands. Some decisions require wise guidance, and this is found in effective communication with God.

The importance of connecting with our essence