The icon of dance Carolyn Carlson at the Abeliano theater “The ways of Land”

The icon of dance Carolyn Carlson is in Bari. Wednesday 2 November at 9 pm it will be staged at the Abeliano theater “The ways of Land“, the show is the result of a special workshop for professional dancers and advanced students, conceived and curated by the ResExtensa company, with the great American choreographer Carolyn Carlson.

Carolyn Carlson has been in Bari for about a week, accompanied with her historian dancer e assistant Sara Orselli and the composer Paki Zennaro at work with professional dancers who arrived in Bari from various parts of Italy for this unique event. A special training course (20 October – 5 November), offered in a totally exceptional and very special way free of charge thanks to the synergies offered by the activity “Unite the Extremes and Find the True Center” of ResExtensa for Le Due Bari of the Municipality of Bari and the National Production Center for Dance “Gateway to the East” – Tra D.and Mari “, also by ResExtensa, recognized by the Ministry of Culture and from the Puglia Region.

Twenty years after their first meeting, Elisa Barucchieri and Carolyn Carlson find themselves in different guises and in Bari. From 1999 to 2002 Carolyn Carlson was director of the dance sector of the Venice Biennale. And she opened a contemporary dance academy (Accademia Isola Danza), which Elisa Barucchieri attended.

Carolyn Carlson
Born in California, Carolyn Carlson defines herself above all as a nomad. From the San Francisco Bay to the University of Utah, from the company of Alwin Nikolais in New York to that of Anne Béranger in France, from the Paris Opera to the La Fenice theater dance in Venice, from the Théâtre de la Ville in Helsinki, from the Ballet de the Bordeaux Opera at the Paris Cartoucherie, from the Venice Biennale to Roubaix, Carolyn Carlson is a tireless traveler, always on the road to develop and share her poetic universe. She inherited Alwin Nikolais’ concepts of movement, composition and pedagogy, she arrived in France in 1971. With Rituel pour un rêve mortthe following year he signed his poetic manifesto, with an approach that he has never abandoned since: a dance aimed at philosophy and spirituality.

At the term “choreography”, Carolyn Carlson prefers that of “visual poetry” to describe her work. Giving life to works that testify to his poetic thought, and with them to a complete, total art form, in which movement occupies a privileged place.

For four decades, its influence and success have been considerable in many European countries. He played a key role in bringing out French and Italian contemporary dance with the GRTOP at the Opéra de Paris and the Teatrodanza at the Fenice. He has made more than one hundred plays, many of which constitute the most important pages in the history of dance, from Density 21.5 to The Year of the horse, from Blue Lady to Steppe, from Maa to Signes, from Writings on water to Inanna.

In 2006 his work was awarded by the Venice Biennale with the first Golden Lion ever awarded to a choreographer. He is also Commander of Arts and Letters and Officer of the Legion of Honor, the highest honor conferred by the French state to those who have obtained merits in the civil, cultural, military and sports fields. Founder of the Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson at Cartoucherie in 1999, she was, with her Carolyn Carlson Company, an artist associated with the Théâtre National de Chaillot from 2014 to 2016. In 2017, parallel to the company’s main activity, new forms of creation, including an exhibition and a danced feature film. In 2019 she obtained French nationality and was elected a member of the choreography department of the Academy of Fine Arts the following year.


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The icon of dance Carolyn Carlson at the Abeliano theater “The ways of Land”