The fraction of Luignano candidate for “Place of the Heart Fai 2022”.

The municipal library of Sesto ed Uniti, at the behest of the mayor Carlo Vezzini, has advanced the candidacy of the district of Luignano, with the Ulisse Stacchini kindergarten, as a “Location of the Heart FAI 2022”.

“In the pleasant Cremona plain, among farmsteads, cultivated fields, irrigation ditches and rows of trees, lies the village of Luignano, where it seems that time has stopped and which tells of a community which between the 19th and 20th centuries was animated by a fervent civil commitment, and in this context a prominent role was played by the Ciboldi family” reads the presentation. This family of landowners, whose progenitor is Giovanni Battista Ciboldi, has written dense pages of political, cultural, economic-social and even military history, with particular reference to the Risorgimento cause, to which the entire community of Luignano contributed, according to a conception of history as a collective work.

It was Cavalier Paolo Ciboldi who had “a rich and modern nursery school built at his own expense and on an area he owned, in memory of his son Innocentino who died at a young age. Begun on 15 June 1914, the work was officially inaugurated on 18 October 1915. The pain for the death of his son had given life to a place of joy for the children of Luignano: that death-life, dark-light dialectic, that birth of the grass above the ditches which well expresses the Pascoli nocturnal Jasmine”.

“The intelligent and zealous work of the Commendatore di San Silvestro Pope, Official Knight of the Crown of Italy, with its authentic creation, entrusted to the mastery of the architect Ulisse Stacchini – one of the original figures of floral liberty taste, the same one who conceived the design of the central station in Milan – had truly given the community of Luignano a gift for the future. The interior, sumptuous, full of light and built with excellent rationality, had to be spectacular.

The kindergarten came to host up to eighty children, with the guidance first of the teachers of the Municipality, then of the Adoring Sisters of Rivolta d’Adda, until 1963. As evidence of all this, today only one building remains which, although dilapidated and in a state of decay, it still exudes something of its former glory.

Paolo Ciboldi’s charitable work did not stop, however, at the Kindergarten: his contribution was munificent for the raising of the bell tower from 28 to 40 meters, in 1928. But his last feat was particularly noteworthy , or the construction of the new parish church (1931-1933), strongly desired by the parish priest Don Giovanni Maglia, designed by the architect Tancredi Venturini, which perfectly fulfills the dictates of Don Maglia himself, by virtue of a Gothic style.

Walking through the streets of the village, one is amazed by the crosses walled up in four points of the town, as reminders of the popular missions, i.e. the sermons to the people, of the years 1926, 1931, 1936 and 1945. A corollary of this locus amoenus is then the Hermitage, officially established in 2021 in the Church of Luignano. In the frenetic life of our current liquid society, the Hermitage could be an invitation to find yourself in a harmonious fusion with Nature, wrapped in a Silence that speaks to the soul. Hermitage and Kindergarten: an admirable synthesis of nature, spirituality and culture. Recovering the past, preserving its memory, reviving it in other forms is a moral duty for each of us”.

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The fraction of Luignano candidate for “Place of the Heart Fai 2022”. – Cremona today