the dance of fools

Today, the main battle takes place in spirituality, in ideality, it is there where the future is decided. Capitalism, by implanting itself in the economy, also installs in the social mind, in the collective unconscious, the spirituality, the values, the meaning that are its own. In this way, he captures the majority of the population for his cause, transforms them into his own executioners, defenders of the system, enslaves them. Without that adherence the system does not hold.

This spirituality of the dominant, which spills over the whole society, over the dominated, is the guarantee of the permanence, defense and perpetuation of the capitalist system. It has proven its strength throughout history. It is difficult to remove from the social psyche. When a revolutionary attempt seems to triumph, it takes power, makes important changes in economic and social relations, capitalist spirituality arises from the bowels of the unconscious and liquidates the emancipatory attempt. Revolutionary changes are installed in the psyche slowly and the return to the past happens quickly.

The revolutionary change at the beginning is a minority in the struggle to found a different world, in which the human ceases to be a commodity, and has the possibility of expressing all its potentialities. At some point he gets a force, capable of initiating change.

This force is not numerical, it is given by the establishment of a direct connection of the militants of change with the collective unconscious, it is a lightning bolt, an action that establishes the link between the revolutionaries and the collective unconscious. The action, paradoxes of politics, is first detected by the dominant, who line up all their military and spiritual artillery against it. Only after the masses identify themselves, do they move through this connection.

Then, the seizure of power takes place and the real, important struggle intensifies: The battle for collective consciousness, against the dominant values. This happens mainly in the unconscious. When the revolutionary test is defeated, the reaction of the capitalists is fierce, they need blood and fire to erase all pleasant memories of the experiment, the annihilation of the new values ​​intensifies.

After the defeat of the attempt comes a period of physical and spiritual persecution of the revolutionaries, lies about them, an image is constructed of them that is easily assimilated by the unconscious of the masses. It was said of Bolívar that he wanted to be emperor, of Christ that he wanted to be King, of Trotsky even some trials, the Moscow trials, were staged against him, and his supporters were physically liquidated, Fabricio was hanged, Chavez is tried to be erased . Society enters a morass, a kind of torpor that anesthesia, which prevents any new attempt to break with the established.

Thus begins the dance of fools, the bourgeois elections, where everything is allowed except questioning capitalism, are the opium of the people. In that dance fights are simulated, differences that do not reach majors, everyone agrees with the bases of the capitalist system. The music of capitalism is danced, the government and the masses are part of this dance that distracts and drugs. It is what the madurismo does with impudence, others do it with more dissimulation.

We are living this history, the opium of social democracy hangs over society. There is hope, there is resistance to infamy that must be supported


the dance of fools