The Course of discord, mobility and the return to post

Unfortunately there were many sad news stories in which Lanciano was the protagonist in 2022. But there was also room for a return to post-Covid normalcy, from Holy Week to the September holidays. All with the leitmotif of a broken Corso Trento and Trieste that cannot find peace after the disputed works for the construction of the present pavement.

Murder in the Santa Rita district, the victim is “Ciccillo”

February 14, 2022 – On 14 February in the Santa Rita district, the well-known painter Francesco De Florio De Grandis known as “Ciccillo” was killed by a volley of gunshots. Responsible for the gesture is the neighbor Amleto Petrosemolo.

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The Procession of the Hooded and the rites of Holy Week are back

The citizens of Frentani return to live the spirituality and faith of the rites of Holy Week, among which the procession of the Hooded on Holy Thursday and the solemn one on Friday stand out.

Reopening of the last stretch of Corso Trento and Trieste

March 14, 2022 – The Paolini administration decides to reopen, starting from 1 April, vehicular traffic in the last stretch of Corso Trento and Trieste between Via Gorizia and Largo Dellarciprete.

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After four years, via Corsea reopens to traffic

10 May 2022 – Closed to the passage of cars since August 2018, via Corsea became viable again in May. The new iron structure allows the transit of vehicles.

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Art and Memory: the restored War Memorial inaugurated

3 July 2022 – The War Memorial, built in September 1926 by the artist Amedeo Cataldi, is officially returned to the city. The recovery was managed and financed by the Mission Structure for the Anniversaries of National Interest of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

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60-year-old found dead at home, investigation is underway to find out the causes

July 15, 2022 – Anna D’Eliseo, a 60-year-old school assistant, is found lifeless in her villa in the Iconicella district. Months later, she is still investigating the causes of her death and whether it was a homicide or a suicide.

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Mastrogiurato and September Festivals: great sharing is back for the city of Lanciano

August 4, 2022 – 2022 is the year of the long-awaited rebirth: the medieval week, the historic procession of the Mastrogiurato, music in the square and barrels.

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Cars at breakneck speed on Corso Trento and Trieste

September 13, 2022 – While the city prepares for the patronal festivities, a madman in his car rushes onto Corso Trento e Trieste, running over several pedestrians in transit.

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The Palamasciangelo is once again the home of Frentano sport

October 5, 2022 – After the long months in which the structure had been transformed into a vaccination hub for the administration of the anti-Covid serum, on 5 October, councilor Ranieri returned the building to the local sports clubs.

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Pavement chaos for Corso Trento and Trieste

December 7, 2022 – Among tiles that continue to break, works, closures, inconveniences and appraisals that are slow in arriving, the fate of Corso Presentoso continues to keep the Paolini junta on its toes as it seeks a definitive solution to restore a face to Lanciano’s “living room”.

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La Squilla: everyone in the square to listen to the sweet bell

23 December 2022 – Even La Squilla, the particular early Christmas of the people of Lanciano, returns to make its warm notes heard from the Bell Tower: starting at 4 pm, many people retrace the steps of Monsignor Tasso in the procession that leads to the Iconicella church. And after the archbishop’s blessing, everyone took to the square to embrace and reunite with friends and relatives.

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The Course of discord, mobility and the return to post-Covid events, 2022 in Lanciano