The colorful synod of synods, Pope Francis signs everything, the king of sex and the bodybuilding priest, the Orfeón Donostiarra in the Vatican.


It’s Friday, we end the week with a lot of information and a wide variety of topics. It’s one of those days when making a short presentation seems like an impossible job.

The Synod on synodality, now officially extended until 2024, has called for a “permanent update” in light of the Second Vatican Council. We already have the document that will guide the next phase of the Synod on Synodality, I will be by papers, and as expected, it calls for greater inclusion of the divorced and remarried, polygamists, single parents, rainbow groups and proposes a “diaconate feminine”. There are 45 pages compiled by a group of “experts”, theologians, laity and bishops in September. Among the experts we have something, already usual in the Vatican, opposed to the traditional mass and defenders of contraception. They tell us that the document is not “a conclusive document, because the process is far from being concluded”, nor is it part of the “Magisterium of the Church, nor is it the report of a sociological investigation”, it was only missing, but “it continues to be a theological document in the sense that it is oriented to the service of the Church’s mission: to announce Christ who died and rose again for the salvation of the world”. The document notes that “many regret the restrictions on the use of the 1962 Missal.”

What is worrying is not the specific issues that appear or not in the document, they can be a distraction, the problem is the mentality, ideology?, that is behind it. “A continuous reform of the Church, its structures and its style, in the wake of the desire for permanent ‘updating’, a precious legacy of the Second Vatican Council to which we are called to turn on its 60th anniversary.” There is an abandonment of adherence to Catholic doctrine or principles: «The message of the synodal path is simple: we learn to walk together and sit together from the same bread, so that everyone finds their place. Everyone is called to participate in this journey, no one is excluded. “A synodal spirituality can only be a spirituality that welcomes differences and fosters harmony, and that draws energy to move forward from tensions.”

Hollerich, SI, has never hidden his way of thinking, indeed, he is sure to be a cardinal for that: “The Church must change radically.” “We will perish if we do not position ourselves differently.” “Is homosexuality a sin? Let’s change the doctrine. “The Church’s positions on homosexual relationships as sinful are wrong. I believe that the sociological and scientific foundation of this doctrine is no longer correct. It is time for a fundamental review of Church teaching and the way Pope Francis has spoken of homosexuality may lead to a change in doctrine. Meanwhile, in our archdiocese, in Luxembourg, no one is fired for being homosexual, or for being divorced and remarried. I can’t kick them out, they’d be out of a job, and how can such a thing be Christian? As for homosexual priests, there are many, and it would be nice if they could talk about them with their bishop without him condemning them.”

As easy as it is to abolish sin no longer exists, that everyone goes to Heaven, and that Hell remains empty. God welcomes with open arms the thief, the murderer, the prostitute, the homosexual, the adulterer, but he does not welcome theft, murder, prostitution, homosexuality and adultery with open arms. God asks us to abandon sin, to convert, if we do not want to abandon sin, it is impossible for God to embrace us. It is impossible for God to forgive a person if he does not want to be forgiven, because receiving God’s merciful love can only be a free choice. God unloads on us the rain of his love, of his grace, but if we open the umbrella of sin, not a drop of that love can touch us. God does not force anyone to love him and receive his love ».

“The Secretary of State has no money of its own. Manages funds, including monies from the St. Peter’s Pence. Years ago, the Pope authorized the use of the Obolo to cover the deficit of the curia. Giachetta, an employee of the Secretary of State, heard as a witness by the Court: “St. Peter’s mite is the only fund that the Holy Father can freely dispose of: the other funds have specific purposes.” Among the things that have come out in his statement is that Jeffrey Lena was paid “Sometimes yes, sometimes no”, with the funds of the obolus. He is the lawyer who handles the abuse cases in the United States and describes 1,500,000 euros as a ‘plausible figure’. The money that is collected for charity, thus sold to the faithful around the world, is used for the defense of pedophile bishops and priests, of course, always authorized by the pope.

The Becciu process goes ahead and on December 1 he will listen to Cardinal Cantoni, bishop of Como, he is the bishop of the main witness, Perlasca. A cardinal will testify for the first time in the courtroom about the accusation of another cardinal. According to the accusation, Becciu would have tried to get Perlasca to retract the accusatory statements by asking his bishop for help. Becciu denies it: «I read in the newspapers that Perlasca made statements about me and I suffered. He is a priest whom I had helped in his difficult moments, and certain things hurt me. I heard from Bishop Cantoni that he was in Rome and I let him know that it was my wish to speak with him. I knew Cantoni, I knew that he had been Perlasca’s spiritual adviser, he seemed to me the most suitable person. I haven’t hinted at anything, except that it would help Perlasca regain her composure. I didn’t know exactly what he was saying, but I read it in the papers.’ In that audience, President Giuseppe Pignatone asked Becciu: “Did you ask Monsignor Cantoni to change Perlasca’s position in the trial?” And the accused had answered no.

Many articles, without much substance, about Pope Francis’ denunciation of the spread of pornography within the clergy. Known in Italy as the king of sex, Rocco Siffredi enters the subject. He has the solution to the problem: “In the Church the problem of the flesh has existed for centuries. And how can we forget the cases of pedophile priests… Perhaps it is time to review the vow of chastity”. The problem of pornography spread everywhere is new and is of particular concern to the new generation of young people, including those who want to be priests. So you associate sex with the devil… Sure, it’s a temptation. But the devil is in sex, alcohol, drugs, video games… Nesting it only in sexuality is old, old. It seems to him that Pope Francis enters into continuous contradictions: “So once he says that homosexual couples are not so bad, and another time he ends up shooting retro messages…” We will surely see him soon in the Vatican in some pontifical academy teaching teaching.

We always have peculiar cures that become universal news, today things are known and immediately globalized. We fear them of all colors, today we find the “bodybuilder cure”. It is Giuseppe Fusari from Brescia, from the parish of Volta Bresciana; he teaches History of Italian Art at the Catholic University and is director of the Diocesan Museum of Brescia. We have been tempted, great, to illustrate our article today with his photograph, it seems to us that it does not contribute anything and is unpleasant. He already has two gold medals at the 2021 National Bodybuilding Championships: “A #preter who nourishes the #mind with study and #storiadellarte and forging the body with #gym and #bodybuilding seeking a balance that may be possible.” It is not a joke in bad taste and we even see it on the website of the Diocese and the Parish. The “bodybuilder priest” distributes photographs in which he appears dressed in tattoos and with very little perizonium.

Emanuela Orlandi’s brother: “I am happy with the documentary about Emanuela, because I knew that millions more people would know her story.” “The idea that they proposed to us was a project designed for an international audience and that would reach 160 countries around the world at the same time.” “For us, family, any initiative that involves Emanuela is positive, because keeping media attention high is the most important thing: we must not forget if we want to get to the truth. I will never stop looking for her.”

The situation in Ukraine may precipitate and the only thing that can be done now is to try to avoid the worst, a nuclear war. The efforts of Vatican diplomacy seem to be sufficient, it tries to maintain a balance and preserve its credibility as an interlocutor, even towards Russia. The United States and the Catholic abortionist Biden do not seem very prone to dialogue. The magisterium of the Church, since the Second Vatican Council, has had a preference for the democratic constitutional system, but must coexist with models that are called democratic, but that endanger the very meaning of the word democracy.

Pope Francis with José Luis Mendoza, from the Catholic University of Murcia and signs the University Apostolate Decree and the Founding Act of the University Order of San Antonio. The university will offer a Catholic formation itinerary based on the Ritual of Christian Initiation of Adults.

Nicolás Maduro sends a message of thanks to Pope Francis on the occasion of the 158th birthday of the Venezuelan Blessed José Gregorio Hernández: «Send the mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez, to the Vatican, because today there was a special activity for José Gregorio Hernández, and he greeted the Pope Francis, on behalf of the people of Venezuela. My greetings to Pope Francis. I appreciate his blessings, I appreciate his and his blessings for our people. I appreciate his blessings and prayers for our beloved Venezuela, I always appreciate his good faith».

The United Arab Emirates makes a generous contribution to the “El Niño Jesús de Cairo” hospital. The contribution was made through the UAE Ministry of Possibilities, in collaboration with the DIHAD Humanitarian Foundation, the National Index Society and the Malaysian CHSS. “His Holiness Pope Francis blessed the Human Brotherhood Foundation and its projects in Egypt and expressed his gratitude to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for the support offered.”

Pope Francis asks the patron saint of Brazil to free the Brazilian people “from hatred, intolerance and violence”, on the eve of the second round of elections in that country.

This afternoon we have a concert, always impressive, by the best choral group in the world at the Spanish embassy to the Holy See: the Orfeón Donostiarra. We know that we have many distinguished readers in Euskadi. Not a bad way to have a good time in the midst of this world of chaos and confusion. Tomorrow they repeat in the Church of San Ignacio and on Sunday in San Pedro, we will not miss.

“… a force came out of him that healed them all.”

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The colorful synod of synods, Pope Francis signs everything, the king of sex and the bodybuilding priest, the Orfeón Donostiarra in the Vatican. – Infovatican Blogs