The beauty of 2022: the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network resumes ecclesial activities

SARONNO – It was a really rich year for la World prayer network of the Pope of the Adp center of Saronnopresent in the area with many initiatives during this 2022.

“A year of compassion for the world with the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network at the Adp Center in Saronno.
The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network of zone IV of the diocese of Milan, which has been based at the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Miracles in Saronno since 2015, has experienced a year marked by the resumption of ecclesial activities and the synodal experience desired by Pope Francis.
The synod of the universal Church has placed listening to testimonies starting from the relationships already built up: to do this we have added to the monthly prayer meeting (first Thursday of the month), with Mass and Eucharistic adoration, also a testimony , inviting to the meeting a person who lived the theme of the intention that Pope Francis entrusts every month to his worldwide prayer network.
To this element was added the participation of the Confraternity of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Risen Crucified Pastoral Community of Saronno, which carried out liturgical service at the celebrations with the animation of the Rosary preceding Mass.
Furthermore, in June, the Archbishop of Milan, Mons Mario Delpini, published the pastoral proposal “Kirye amen alleluia” in which he asked that the Pope’s worldwide prayer network (Apostolate of Prayer) be re-evaluated by the Christian community and by families .
To achieve this we welcomed on 17 December in the church of San Francesco d’Assisi in Saronno the fourth stage of the journey of the diocesan heart entitled “The Father sends his son to save us”.
Retracing the Pope’s monthly intentions, which are prayers on the challenges of humanity and the mission of the Church, we want to thank together with Don Emilio Giavini, director of zone IV, all those who have participated in the meetings for years and in particular the witnesses of the month:

– January (for people who suffer discrimination on religious grounds)
Hon. Luca Volonté
– February (for women religious and missionaries)
sister Teresa Martino
– March (for those who defend life with prayer and action)
Alma Maestroni
(Aid to Life Center – Movement for Life)
– April (for healthcare personnel)
Luciano Fogato (Oss Saronno hospital)
– May (for young people and their vocation)
spouses Amalia and Eugene Puleo (Misinto oratory)
– June (for Christian families and their testimony)
spouses Beatrice and Alberto Petrarulo
– July – August – September (summer break)
– October (for the Church to be a place of solidarity)
John Giambattista (Lombard forum of family associations)
– November (for children to have a family)
spouses Simonetta and David Luraschi
(New Families – Focolare Movement)
– December (for voluntary organizations)
Sergio Belloni (Italian Red Cross – Saronno)

The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network is a pontifical work, whose mission is to mobilize Catholics through prayer and action in the face of the challenges of humanity and the Church’s mission. These challenges are presented in the form of prayer intentions entrusted by the Pope to the whole Church. His mission is inscribed in the dynamics of the heart of Jesus, a mission of compassion for the world.
It was founded in 1844 as an Apostleship of Prayer and is present in 89 countries. It is made up of more than 22 million Catholics. It includes its youth section, the Meg (youth Eucharistic movement).
In December 2020, the Pope established this pontifical work as a Vatican foundation and approved its new statutes.
The Apostleship of Prayer (Ad), today the Pope’s World Prayer Network, is a service to the Catholic Church spread throughout the world, compatible with all types of associations and movements, which proposes the spirituality of the heart of Jesus to help everyone members of the Church to fully experience baptism and the Eucharist in the spirit of the common priesthood of the faithful.
The Adp proposes three fundamental commitments: the daily offering, the consecration
, the repair.”

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The beauty of 2022: the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network resumes ecclesial activities