The agenda of appointments Tuesday 13

Tuesday 13 December

BOLOGNA: for the cycle “The story of Abraham, Genesis 12-25organized by the interfaith biblical group, Giuseppina Bagnato talks about “Lundermined ancestor. At 9 pm at the church of San Giuseppe, via Bellinzona 6.

TURIN: at the Theological Center (corso Stati Uniti 11) at 9 pm third meeting of the ecumenical cycle «”In the beginning…” for a polyphonic reading of Genesis»: «The pact with Abraham, change of name. The promise for Ishmael» (Gen XVII, 1ss.) with Ruth Mussi and Maria Bonafede.

OIVD: at 17.30 on Zoom fourth and last appointment of the cycle ofInterreligious Observatory on Violence against Women (Oivd) “Heretics”: the Protestant point of view with Letizia Tomassone. To participate write to The videos of the meetings can also be found on the Dell Facebook page and YouTube channeloivd.

Wednesday 14th December

BERGAMO: at 17.30 at the Protestant Cultural Center (see T. Tasso 55) meeting on the figure of prof. Bruno Revel (Bergamo 1895 – Milan 1959) with the pastor Italo Pons.

Thursday 15 December

FLORENCE: at 6pm at the Claudiana bookshop (via Borgo Ognissanti 14/R) presentation of the new book by Gabriele De Cecco «Between doing and saying, Words for an evangelical diaconia» (Claudiana 2022), conversation betweenauthor and Cristina Bersano, Elisabetta Mantelli and music by Massimiliano Gambinossi.

PINEROLO (TO): at 18, at the Waldensian temple (see Dei Mille 1) lThe Waldensian cultural association «Ettore Serafino», in collaboration with the Volare bookshop, presents the book Angiolino’s shoes by Federico Jahier. They participate, in addition toauthor, Angiolino’s grandchildren, Laura Bellet and Alessandro Favro, and Resistance experts Andrea Geymet and Adolfo Serafino. During the presentation: readings, performances and image projections. Rights dauthor donated to the «Sereno Regis» Center for Studies for Peace and Nonviolence.

ROME: Christmas worship of the Waldensian Faculty of Theology led by pastor Winfrid Pfannkuche at 7.30 pm in theAula Magna of the Waldensian Faculty of Theology and live streaming on Facebook (

TURIN: a new cycle of meetings begins in December at the Ywca-Ucdg Foyer managed by the Waldensian Diaconia: we will talk to two women’s health professionals, prevention and knowing how to listen to the body andsoul. It will be thereopportunity to reflect together on social and cultural issues and to learn about the past, present and future of the Foyer which hosts a project of social housing. At 17.30 in v. St. According to 70.

Friday 16th December

BASSINANA (AL): at 21 at the Methodist church (v. Della Vittoria 5) last appointment with «Let’s wait for Christmas together guided byart and ancient spirituality».

GORIZIA: at 5.30 pm at the Ugo Casiraghi Media Library (v. G. Bombi 7) presentation of the book eGospel, iGod & Personal Jesus”. Extricate yourself between social, technology and liquidity with lauthor Peter Ciaccio Prof. Agnese Miccoli intervenes.

MILAN: the Protestant Cultural Center presents a biblical meditation for the time ofAdvent at 5.30 pm: Anthem, a hymn to light: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does nothave overwhelmed” (John 1, 5) edited by Sophie Langeneck. In the room next to the Claudiana bookshop (see F. Sforza 12/a) and on the Ccp’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

SAN REMO (IM): at the Waldensian temple (v. Roma 14) at 4.30 pm concert by M° Giuseppe Venturelli.

SUSA (TO): at 8.45 pm in the Waldensian church of Susa (see Mazzini 21) Ecumenical Advent prayer. Don Daniele Giglioli vicar of the bishop and the pastor Lucilla Peyrot will preach. Professor Carla Gribodo will accompany the songs atharmonium. Organized by the Waldensian and Baptist churches of Susa, Baptist of Meana di Susa, by the Commission for theecumenism of the Diocese of Susa, by the Romanian Orthodox Church.

TURIN: from 3 to 5 pm in the Waldensian house in corso Vitt. Em. II, musical meeting with Christmas hymns edited by Aldo Palladino and Ivo Blandino.

Saturday 17th December

GROSSETO: Lass. Rosa Parks and the Baptist Church invite you to the Christmas concert with Simona Parra and Simona Viganò, sopranos, and Francesco Iannitti Piromallo, pianist. At 21 in v. Piave 17, free admission.

MILAN: “Music at the temple” offers an evening with theorchestra and choir ofUniversity of Bicocca and the dancers of the Liceo coreutico Tito Livio in a tribute to Camille Saint-Saëns with «Le carnaval des animaux» and «Loratorio de Noël op. 12″. At 8.30 pm at the Waldensian temple (see Sforza 12A).

NAPLES: at the Waldensian church (see Duomo 275) at 5.30 pm presentation of the book by Maria Teresa Pizzulli «Compositrici tra vita, arte e spiritualità», with musical pieces performed by MT and Carmela Pizzulli.

PALERMO: at the Waldensian temple of v. Dello Spezio «Sounds and readings for Christmas» with the Càlamus Clarinet Ensemble (Conservatory of Catania): music by Mozart, Pärt, Alfonso X of Castile, Rameau, traditional music and fromChristian hymnal. Admission free of charge, followed by an aperitif offered by the youth group.

PARMA: the Methodist church of Parma-Mezzani presents «The joy of Christmas in the strange case of an 18th century Methodist hymn» with Guido Giampaolo (piano), Joy Refugio (singing), Carlotta Pinardi, Chiara Agostini (narrators), Nicola Tedoldi ( comment). With the participation of Sunday school children and the Sae group of Parma. At 5 pm at the Methodist church (b.go G. Tommasini 26/A).

SONDRIO: at the Evangelical Center of Culture (see Malta) and on social channels at 6 pm «Martin Luther King: peace from the suburbs», piece between music and storytelling with prof. Paolo Naso, maestro Alberto Annarilli, soprano Giulia Ferrazza. Introduced by Emanuele Campagna.

Sunday 18th December

FLORENCE: at 18 at the Baptist church of Borgo Ognissanti 14/R, Christmas concert with Choreos, Lgbtqa+ choir from Florence.

MILAN: Christmas worship, with Holy Dinner, Sunday School and catechism, at 10.45 in the Waldensian temple in via Sforza 12/A.

ROME: Feast ofTree. Day of celebration for the whole community, with agape, songs and games at the Waldensian temple in Piazza Cavour.

Wednesday 21 December

TURIN: at 21, at the Waldensian temple in Corso Vitt. Em.: «Let’s sing Christmas together. A community that sings and asks itself what is the meaning of Christmas today»; with Maria Bonafede, Jean-Félix Kamba Nzolo and the Semincanto choir.

Advent and surroundings in the Waldensian valleys

Friday 16th December
PELLICE TOWER: at 8.45 pm in the Waldensian temple, musical evening with the participation of the Waldensian Coretto of Torre Pellice, of theGregorian chant ensemble Cantus Ecclesiae (Luserna SG) and Christopher Welch (Salvation Army) on marimba. The evening, “Music Moves”, is a Christmas concert in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Committee “San Giuseppe” onlus (Valli Pellice – Chisone – Germanasca) for its mobility support projects.

Sunday 18th December

LUSERNA SAN GIOVANNI: party ofTree at 10, worship in the Bellonatti temple with the participation of the Sunday School.

at 17, still in the temple, Christmas concert organized by the Pinerolese Music Schools, «Letters from Santa Claus», with music, songs and readings by the students. The offers will be donated entirely to theUgi Association (Italian Parents Union) against children’s cancer of Turin.

TOMATO: at 10 worship ofTree in the Temple by Sunday School.

RORTO: at 10, in the cult temple of installation of the old women of the Consistory and from 16.30 Feast of thetree: short show of the Sunday School and Pre-catechism on the Christmas story, with the Kamishibai technique, entitled: “The crazy night of little Jesus”, followed, at 5 pm, by the concert of the Waldensian Choir of Rorà and the Vocincoro Choir of Rovellasca on pieces of the Christmas tradition. After the concert there will be aaperitif at the cost of 10 euros.
SAN GERMANO CHISONE: at 10 worship in the temple with the participation of Sunday School and pre-catechism, recorded in streaming. At the end of the service, a moment of good wishes for the whole community present and of thanksgiving for the volunteers who have lent their work during theyear. In the afternoon, the Christmas markets organized by the Municipality will see the participation of the Waldensian church with objects from the museum.

The agenda of appointments Tuesday 13 – Wednesday 21 December