The 14th academic year of Unitre officially opened on Friday in the council chamber of the Municipality of Canicattini Bagni

Opened on the evening of Friday 28 October 2022, the 14th academic year of Unitre, the University of the Third Age, of the Municipality of Canicattini Bagni directed by Prof Giuseppe Di Mari, is animated with the collaboration of the S. Tommaso d’Aquino Study Center of Syracuse, the Elderly Day Center, the associations and cultural realities of the city and the professional and supportive commitment of many teachers and experts who voluntarily continue to make their time and knowledge available.

In the council chamber in via Principessa Iolanda, the Mayor Paolo Amenta, the Councilor for Public Education and Social Policies Marilena Miceli together with the council colleagues, for members and teachers in this new training event, which is increasingly opening up to the city and in the Hyblean territory, as wished by the municipal administration, the cultural path of Unitre has resumed, slowed down in the last two years by the Covid emergency.

As per tradition, the opening lectio magistralis of the new course of study was entrusted to an illustrious personality of the territory, the Greek scholar prof. Egidio Ortisi, former teacher at the Liceo Classico Gargallo in Syracuse, former regional deputy and former Mayor of Floridia, the city with which Canicattini Bagni is twinned through the Palio di San Michele, as well as founder of the political movement “Primavera Floridiana”.

After a recitative moment by actress Lalla Bruschi, Professor Teresa Amodio, forerunner of Unitre Canicattini Bagni, will present the new courses of the University of the Third Age, which will make available to students, scholars and professionals prepared, recalling how from this ‘year the training offer is extended and, in addition to the medical, historical, literary and scientific disciplines, great attention is given to the ever closer connection with the younger generations, to the promotion of aggregation, to psychophysical well-being, cognitive and affective exercise emotional and socio-relational, active aging and the development of multiple skills, with the following courses: Yoga, Orthotrophy, Aroma Therapy, Music, Singing, Figurative Arts, Decorative Crafts, Pneumatology, Sports Medicine, Gentle Gymnastics, Journalism, Course of Spirituality.

To underline the value and the positive experience of Unitre in these years of activity for the entire community was the Mayor Paolo Amenta, renewing the commitment of the municipal administration to continue to support the cultural and inclusive initiative.

A moment of great commitment always conducted with enthusiasm and passion – underlined the Mayor Paolo Amenta – which becomes even more inclusive and extends to the whole city, not only to the later age groups, with the task, among other things, of promoting intergenerational encounters between young and old, united in an exchange of knowledge and experiences. In addition to deepening and enriching everyone’s knowledge, culture represents a very important tool for development and economic growth for the entire community and the territory, because it aims at the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of citizens. Not only that, but it also allows us not to waste and isolate the precious and enormous experiential and cultural baggage of many scholars and professionals who have dedicated their lives to study and science, and make themselves available to others. The experience of Unitre in Canicattini Bagni, born years ago from an intuition of ours, as a municipal administration we will not stop supporting it for the values ​​and wealth that it manages to transmit“.

Adherence to the 14th academic year naturally continues and the registration forms can be requested and presented at the Sportello del Comune (ground floor Palazzo Municipale) or downloaded from the website from the special window dedicated to Unitre where they are located. published all necessary information.

The meetings will take place once a week in the afternoon.

The 14th academic year of Unitre officially opened on Friday in the council chamber of the Municipality of Canicattini Bagni – Iblei News