Tassone: “Without faith, without spirituality, a community does not project itself into the future”


In this period we return to talk about the Catholic question. Well-known scholars carefully deal with issues that were central to the past, which are neglected today. Historically precise analyzes on the role of Catholics in the conquest, in the defense of democracy and freedom, often fail to escape from the restricted schemes of today, where the disordered fluctuation of action has taken over politics.

No more drawings, projects in comparison, no search for synthesis between various options, no ideal horizons towards which to strive, but only fragments of unfinished ideas where culture disappears in a race towards limited objectives. The Catholic question is therefore spoken of as a stale theme.

A faded fresco in the face of an alleged modernity. The great movements of thought are sucked into triangulation: domination, pragmatism and the satisfaction of limited interests. It is said that the Church after Vatican II no longer intended to support Catholic parties. But the Popular Party of Sturzo and the Christian Democrats were not confessional parties.

The difficult relations of Sturzo and De Gasperi with the hierarchy defined the dividing line between the secular state and the mission of the Universal Church. The values ​​of the social doctrine of the Church, the centrality of Man, faith as the nourishment of fervor to serve remained present in the commitment of Catholics in politics.

It would be useful if in the debate the unity of Catholics in politics was not hastily treated as a past history, but to consider that its waning has dissipated vast political patrimonies. How does politics survive if it does not find sources of culture where ideals are not confused with reach, which generates individualism and selfishness?

If the history of Christian Democrats, today dispersed in so many streams, is not composed, who builds the city of man? Without faith, without spirituality, a community does not project itself into the future, but lives the troubles of the present. Christian Democrats led the reconstruction.

The country found its soul. Today the Christian Democrats must not have the presumption of “commanding”, but they have the duty to be there, so that the central area is not the project for some but for Man. This was the challenge of many of us in 1995, when the PPI split took place.

Many went to the left to mingle with the post-communist formations. We stood to testify proud to keep the faith and dignity.

When we see today the PD made up of post-Communists and post-Christian Democrats living in languor, we grasp the value of when we chose not to deviate from our roots. When there is no common story to refer to (because the stories behind the PD are opposed) there is only power as a glue. It is the lethargy of politics from which one comes out with the power of thought and faith.

Whatever it is: you have to believe in something otherwise it is disaster!

Mario Tassone

Tassone: “Without faith, without spirituality, a community does not project itself into the future” – Catanzaro