Taroscope 2023: The transition to a new world

2023 brings a powerful energy of change that will question old paradigms about money, spirituality, drug use, health management, success, and the ability to work on what we love. Abuses of power and tyrannies will be radically questioned, and possibly the path will be opened towards an interesting energy transition and new forms of agriculture. It can bring great abundance, but it is key not to waste and learn to use the earth’s resources more consciously. A year seven that will push us to live fully.

Wheel of fortune

This year asks you to finish letting go of situations from the past so that you can open up to the transformation energy that 2023 brings to you. A period of profound changes begins in which you will be able to get out of old patterns and close emotional cycles that have not allowed you to move forward as you would like 2023 asks you to let go of your apparent doubts and limitations, and learn to go to your center to inhabit the present. Stop looking for the answers to your problems in your loved ones or in what happens in the world, be silent and listen to your heart. Soon you will have to make a decision that will determine the manifestation of your dreams during this year.


2023 invites you to navigate in your depths so that you can observe those fears and emotions that inhabit your subconscious and that it is necessary to begin to heal. It is a great year to cultivate your intuition, your feminine energy and put your gifts at the service. Also to carry out a creative work and study topics related to spirituality and therapy. This year asks you to heal the relationship with your mother and forgive family situations. In addition, it is key that you learn to nurture yourself with awareness and listen to your needs. Allow yourself to flow with your emotions. Remember that behind the difficult moments that may arise, there is a great gift.

The Empress

You start this year full of the creative and joyful energy of The Empress, who asks you to connect with the joy of living during 2023 and express what you feel. Take advantage of this frequency to travel, have fun, strengthen the power of your work and do what you like best. This arcane invites you to spend time with nature and receive the loving energy of abundance from it with awareness and gratitude. Your creativity is going to be at full power, so she writes down all the ideas that come to you and encourage yourself to put yourself into action. Don’t rush to reach the goal, just allow yourself to be a channel and trust that when the time comes, you will accomplish what is necessary.

The magician

2023 asks you for order, action and certainty. You have immense potential to manifest the life you want and start projects and dreams, but you need to organize what you have on your table, delegate work and learn to focus your energy on what is a priority. Use your mind in your favor and feed thoughts that support you in achieving your dreams. This year also asks you to have fun and remember the creative power that inhabits you. Do not allow your fears to stop you and fill you with doubts. Trust that you are ready to start something new and exciting. Life supports you, so don’t get distracted and do your part with optimism.


You begin this year surrounded by the healing and purifying energy of Temperance, the great angel of the Tarot. This arcane invites you to dedicate this year to listening to your heart and communicating your emotions. The time has come to heal old duels, to understand situations from the past and to carry out a forgiveness process with yourself or with your loved ones. Dare to have those talks that you need so much to clean your ties, and commit to your spirituality. It is a year to meditate, do breathing techniques or read spiritual texts that connect you with other dimensions of existence and help you feel lighter and calmer.

The devil

You start this 2023 activating all your power. This year is intense and invites you to get to know yourself in your multiple facets and to take yourself completely. The Devil asks you to go through your shadow and those aspects that you still consider wrong within yourself to be more and more honest with yourself and with others. It’s time to be radically authentic and show the world all your gifts and talents. In addition, there is a great creative and sexual energy around you, so it is a great year to explore it, enjoy it and discover yourself with different eyes. Your desires to serve others also become evident, listen to them calmly and allow them to show you the way forward.

The emperor

The Emperor invites you to start the year organizing your material world. He creates a financial plan that is viable for you and that allows you to be calm and stable. He thinks your investments very well and commit to establishing a more positive and expansive relationship with money. He remembers that many of your fears come from your beliefs, so he transforms those that no longer serve you and limit your existence. This is a year to activate your leadership, learn to set limits and cultivate your personal power. Also to heal issues with your father or with masculine energy. Get organized so that in 2023 you can achieve everything you set out to do.

The Hanged Man

2023 asks you to transform the way you relate to yourself and others. It is a year to let go of control, heal family situations that have been repeated and fully trust in divinity. If you resist, you may suffer, but if you learn to flow with this energy, your whole world can be transformed. Realize that you are ready to change paradigms and surrender to life with confidence. Reconcile yourself with uncertainty and open yourself to experience your spirituality from an increasingly authentic place. If you manage to change your look, it is possible that possibilities open up that you did not contemplate before. Let life surprise you.

The Popess

2023 begins by asking you to strengthen your spiritual path. La Papisa invites you to integrate your feminine energy deeper and deeper, so allow yourself to flow, feel, meditate and rest. A period opens in which you can realize that life can be easy and joyful, that you don’t have to work so hard to get results and that your passions can give you all the abundance and happiness you deserve. In 2023 your paradigms will be transformed and your existence will become more and more authentic and powerful. It is a great year to get out of the illusion, carry out a work, cultivate self-love and begin to create a new reality.

The world

This year begins with all the good vibes for you. The arcane of The World asks you to take advantage of the energy of 2023 to finish closing pending issues and open yourself to a beginning of the cycle that brings new experiences and gifts. Life is available before you and invites you to trust that everything is possible, but you need to believe it and give yourself permission to do what your soul longs for the most. Give yourself your place and leave your fears behind. It is key that you take advantage of this year to focus on what you really want and feel, with all your heart, that it is already a reality. Dancing and traveling offer you a new perspective, so cross your borders and have fun.

The hermit

2023 is presented as a year to follow your own path and learn to be true to your vision. It is not about separating yourself from others, but about cultivating the relationship with yourself and starting to think more about yourself. Take advantage of this beginning of the year to spend some time alone and discover where you want to go right now and what you want to do this year. Perhaps you still need to understand situations from the past, heal an issue with your father or your partner, or perhaps you are ready to start something new and travel other paths. Cultivate patience and find your own rhythm so that you can live this year with peace and certainty.

The Nameless Arcana

You start the year with a radical and powerful energy. 2023 brings profound changes, there are situations or places that have definitely been left behind and now you are preparing to kill everything that does not represent you and is no longer viable for you or for the lifestyle you want to have. Activate your courage because you are ready to fully carry out this transformation and honor your existence. So let go of your fears of change, overcome your duels and move forward with confidence. It is also a good year to do psychological therapies, stretch your body, get chiropractic massages or review issues with your bones or your spine.

phrase of the week
“Trust the magic of new beginnings.” Maria Jose Garzaro.


Full moon: Saturday 7
Waning Moon: Sunday 15
New moon: Saturday 21
Crescent Moon: Saturday 28

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Taroscope 2023: The transition to a new world