Synodal challenges in Dean Assemblies of Imperial and Temuco Sur

On Saturday, September 24, two dean assemblies were held, during the morning, it was the turn of the deanery of Imperial, where the parishes of San Miguel Arcángel of the Imperial commune, Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Chol Chol, San Pablo de Carahue, San José de la Costa de Trovolhue and San Antonio de Padua, a parish that brought together around 90 attendees to the assembly.

The day began very early, with prayer and words of welcome, delivered by the dean, Fr. Francisco Millán, who explained the objective of the call.

Later, the Pbro. Ariel Valdez, Vicar for Pastoral, addressed the synodal work that is being carried out in the diocese, and also delved into the upcoming 3rd National Ecclesial Assembly, where a delegation is attending. Also, he discussed that Saturday, November 19, is the Diocesan Assembly.

Continuing with the program, Father Leonardo Villagrán spoke before the assembly, referring to the fact that we live in a time of listening, deepening of faith, in a process of permanent communion.

In this regard, Father Juan Andrés Basly Erices, Diocesan Administrator, pointed out the trajectory of this synodal journey in the diocese, the great work of the communities over these years, the legacy of our pastors and that this time of permanent communion invites us to dialogue and listening.

Then, group work was carried out, where the five challenges were addressed, which were later presented in plenary. At the conclusion of the assembly, the Temple was invited to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

South Temuco Deanery Assembly

In Ceb San Mateo, from the parish of the Holy Spirit, the Assembly of this deanery was held, where the parishes of Santo Tomás de Villanueva, San Juan Bautista, La Annunciación del Señor, Newen Wenu Chaw, Santiago Apóstol, Jesús de la Misericordia participated. of Farming and Santísima Trinidad.

The words of welcome were delivered by the dean, Fr. Rogelio Henríquez, who thanked them for participating in the call and contextualized the objective of the meeting, highlighting the time of synodality that we live in, “In short, there is great value in the path that we have been taking together on the subject of synodality and above all in the search to walk together, seeking agreement through the different pastoral structures and that seems very important to me, however, it seems to me that there are good challenges and I see these challenges in a very positive way (…) the synodality, it is a tremendous value, I think it is something that the Holy Spirit is arousing among us and above all because synodality seeks to re-enchant us with the person of Jesus and the mission that we have as a Church, as disciples, as followers of the Lord”.

Later, the Pbro. Ariel Valdez, Vicar for Pastoral, referred to this process and the upcoming pastoral challenges.

The Pbro. Juan Andrés Basly Erices, Diocesan Administrator, highlighted all this journey of the dean assemblies in these weeks and delved into the synodal work that we are carrying out as a church. ” It has been a very gratifying experience to be able to be in the 5 deaneries living this experience of the synodal path, as I have always stated, there has been a long-standing work in our Church, since after the Council, animated by that spirit of wanting walking together, that exercise has always been done in the life of our Diocese. Now more than ever, people have understood what this experience means, of a Church that walks together, that walks united will progress. I believe that what the Lord is indicating to us today is that, that is, that we let the spirit also speak in our lives, in our personal and community life, and we will surely obtain very great benefits for diocesan life. The experience of the 5 assemblies has been extraordinary, many people from all the parish communities, whether from the countryside, Mapuche communities that have spared no effort and have come to participate; all of this, the input of the results that we are experiencing, surely we will share them in the Third Ecclesial Assembly, in which some 20 people from the Diocese will participate.

Subsequently, the spirituality of the Synod of synodality and of walking together as Church was discussed. The day continued with group work where they discussed the challenges. The assembly concluded with the Liturgy of Adoration and Sending.



Synodal challenges in Dean Assemblies of Imperial and Temuco Sur – Diocese of Temuco