Summer, a spiritual journey in search of inner peace

If the usual summer holidays, between umbrellas and beaches, or lines for the cable car in the mountains and to the restaurant, do not help you to return fresh and rested to the daily routine, perhaps the time has come to try a different experience: a type of journey that in addition to restoring the body, puts you in deep dialogue with yourself in search of the meaning of everyday life. It is about spiritual holidays. Many Italians, in fact, choose places “for the spirit” as their holiday destination, and make so-called spiritual journeys, which do not necessarily coincide with religious destinations.

The spiritual journey, in fact, is a journey in search of oneself. Its purpose is spiritual, which means several things: it can be a search for truth, an approach to the divine or to spirituality at the end of which something is reached.

Spritual destinations, the most chosen

In general, those who decide to travel alone prefer spiritual holidays in monasteries rather than in a convent. But farmhouses and seaside resorts are also very good. So let’s see a series of ideas and advice on places to find yourself:

1. Hermitages: many associate the hermitage with the idea of ​​a spiritual holiday in total meditation. Indeed, there is no better place to enjoy solitude and rediscover yourself. The choice to retire to a hermitage is linked to an ancient desire to live an experience that takes us back to our origins, giving us that forgotten peace and balance.

2. Convents and monasteries: spiritual holidays in monasteries or in a convent are also an excellent idea to rediscover oneself. In some of these structures – the most numerous are located in Italy – they open their cells not only to priests and religious, but also to individuals or small groups who want to take advantage of a short vacation to rediscover silence, inner harmony and its own religious dimension with the accompaniment of spiritual guides.

3. Sea: even nature, especially the wildest and most unspoiled, allows you to rediscover yourself. It is possible, in fact, to experience spiritual holidays even by the sea, perhaps on an island in contact with water and sand and nothing around us. A spiritual retreat during which you can also enjoy beautiful views.

4. Agritourisms: between earth and sky. The spiritual holiday on a farm is certainly in contact with nature. Many farms also organize meditation experiences with manual workshops, capable of reconciling us with ourselves.

5. Walks on foot: the most famous is undoubtedly the Camino de Santiago. It is a real spiritual journey in stages to rediscover oneself and happiness, having as a destination an important place for Christianity. There are also many in Italy, starting from our Umbria with the Franciscan paths. The reasons for deciding to walk the Way are different and vary from person to person: for personal challenge, for spiritual and religious reasons, for a desire for adventure or for cultural restlessness. But everyone agrees on one thing: it is a journey that changes life and brings happiness.

Summer, a spiritual journey in search of inner peace