Study day Sharing between public and private social services

The possible cure between mental health and integration of services

EPASSS Onlus Foundation in collaboration with the CSM area 3:

Friday 17 June 08.30 – Villa De Grecis – Bari

Bari, 16.06.2022 – Sharing between public and private social services for the possible care between mental health and integration of services.
This is the goal of the EPASSS Foundation and the CSM area 3, with a day of study and deepening of an ever-current issue to go beyond all obstacles and definitively free themselves from stigma and closures towards those with disabilities.
“It is the effort we make every day – asserts Vincenzo Purgatorio CEO of the EPASSS Onlus Foundation – together with our structures and operators to avoid ghettoisation and forms of isolation. We need to share, to redesign the integration path, to forge a true alliance between public and private social, to overcome new challenges and cherish a new growth opportunity for our children “.
“We are aware of the objective difficulties – continues Purgatory – but together with the experiential value and the mission, we will be able to look to the future of our children with hope but we would have taken decisive steps for a synergistic and more stable integration”.
The study day attended by experts in the sector but also representatives of the ASL will be oriented on the comparison of integrated network services between Public and Private Social Services based on the foundation of Recovery.
Recovery is emerging as a new paradigm of mental health services practices which, if they do not guarantee the clinical recovery of patients, facilitate their “social healing”.
The expression “being in recovery” refers particularly to those who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder and who claim their right to a safe, meaningful, dignified and self-fulfilling social life, despite the condition. This concept emphasizes self-determination and normal life activities such as education, work, sexuality, friendship, spirituality, and membership of various groups; therefore it also provides for the construction, reconstruction or claiming of a meaningful life in society despite mental distress.
While in the past there was a tendency to move away from everything related to mental health or even to get rid of the “mentally ill”, today the Services try to urge people with this disorder to lead a meaningful life, integrating the public and private activities in the achievement of a single objective.
“Social inclusion, therefore, – concludes Purgatorio, CEO of the EPASSS Onlus Foundation – must take place in places where individuals live, rather than in artificial contexts far from real life. It is a sort of reconquest or even discovery of a sense of one’s own identity that is far from that of illness or disability ”.
The study day will take place on Friday 17 June at Villa De Grecis in Bari, starting at 08.30, with the registration of the participants and the greetings of the authorities.

Study day Sharing between public and private social services – Il Messaggero Italiano