Stucchi, the condolences of friends

The Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus who passed away in the memory of Monsignor De Scalzi, linked to him since the Seminary years, and of Don Monti, who shared the period of Villa Cagnola

by Ylenia

Monsignor Luigi Stucchi

“A very great friend, with whom I shared my years of seminary and ministry, because we were almost the same age.” So Monsignor Erminio De Scalzi recalls Monsignor Luigi Stucchi, who passed away last night at the age of 81 (read here), with the regret of not being able to see and greet him personally in these last days, marked by suffering and by the worsening of the illness. “He was a good Bishop, really good – he points out – as well as lovable, reliable and very intelligent”.

“He knew how to get people”

Monsignor De Scalzi recalls that in the Milanese Episcopal Council they always sat close together and, since Monsignor Stucchi was a very analytical type and dwelled on questions, he said to him: «Luigi, finish!».

Only one year of difference separated the two friends – 81 years old each, 82 the other -, with very different personalities, so much so that «sometimes we pinched each other a bit» smiles De Scalzi, who then adds: «But he was good, he was not capable of offending anyone, on the contrary, he always knew how to take people”.

The last time they spoke on the phone dates back to about a month ago: «He was in the hospital and apologized because he had difficulty speaking – explains De Scalzi -. I will always remember him for his humanity and at the same time spirituality”.

“Paternal and discreet”

Two traits he also emphasizes don Eros Monti, director of Villa Cagnola in Gazzada Schianno, in the province of Varese, where Monsignor Stucchi had resided since 2012: «We arrived together – says Don Monti -. However, since 2004 he was president of the Blessed Paul VI Institute for Religious Studies and, in this role, paternally accompanied many journeys, spiritual and formative paths, as well as many conferences».

Art, faith and culture are the three passions that characterized Monsignor Stucchi’s life, a life spent for others, dedicated to listening to people, “always with that paternal closeness and discretion that distinguished him”, recalls Don Monti.

The director of Villa Cagnola also recalls the serenity and courage with which Monsignor Stucchi faced the disease from this summer onwards. “He had a long period of recovery – says he-he, during which he celebrated the Eucharist both here with us and outside, and even a few funerals. He has always been attentive and lucid, despite the fragility of these last few days, and we all hoped that he would also be able to overcome this phase. Unfortunately this was not the case and so we entrust him to the Heavenly Father with the words of his motto, which is also the antiphon of today’s Mass: In your light Lord we see the light».

Stucchi, the condolences of friends