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Mariana Vázquez Hirsch, an expert in soul coaching, tells us how you can use your own tools to make 2023 the best of your years. Start the year with your best version!

By Alberto Rojas

Do you feel that everything is very difficult and you don’t see where to move? The astrocoach Mariana Vázquez Hirsch can guide you to start the year with your best version. She herself tells us that since she was a child she suffered from eating disorders, but at the age of 18 she began a rehabilitation process that was the best thing that could happen to her.

“For me, the disease was a bridge for my growth, because there I began to discover what personal development is, positive psychology, spirituality, meditation, once I recovered I decided to help other people find themselves,” he tells us. Mariana, who is also an integrative psychologist.

Mariana says that any disorder, be it eating, depression or anxiety, is a symptom of a lack of empowerment and connection with oneself. She studied psychology and later, a master’s degree in integral psychology. She has also done coaching studies and trained as an astrologer, so she integrated the spiritual part with psychology. That helped her get ahead and she trusts that she will help you too. Here are some tips that she gives you now that a new year is coming and that little by little we are coming out of the pandemic.

First of all…

Soul coaching is a series of techniques to change your mind so that you think positive and have a spiritual awakening. This type of coaching goes to the soul, not just to the mind or behavior, as traditional coaching does. In other words, it may be what you need to start the year with your best version.

“Only by changing our internal beliefs can we change our reality. It’s not just about changing habits, it’s about going to the bottom, transforming identity. Soul coaching has tools that help you understand yourself and connect with something that is invisible but that is inside everyone and that helps us live from a broader perspective”, explains Mariana.

The techniques explained by Mariana Vázquez Hirsch can help you find your best version.

accept the fear

Today we have to deal with the anxiety and pessimism that the pandemic has left us. Mariana comments that everyone has lived a different experience of transformation in the last three years and there is a lot of fear for the future because the plans we had five years ago are no longer so clear. That generates fear of daring to dream and generates a lot of anxiety and depression. If we add to that the fact that our diet skyrockets on Christmas dates, we have a combo that is difficult to control.

“The challenge is to accept that fear, because we are going into the unknown. We are building a new world. We must avoid behaviors that make us escape from reality for a while, but then make us feel worse. We have to open up to this new way and trust, self-confidence is very important on dates like these”, says Mariana.

Take out your notebook and get to work.

When your head is spinning without you being able to control your thoughts, Mariana recommends that you have a notebook on hand and record two things in it: all your fears and your dreams, even the fears that those dreams and desires you have bring. See what things you worry about you can control, for example, your physical habits or the management of personal finances. Then, check the things you can’t control, like the country’s economy or the pandemic.

“Say that the things you do not control you give to life and the universe because you trust them. Ask life to do its part and you do yours. Say you trust yourself too. Since you have these tools with which you work daily, you will be able to handle whatever comes your way, that is a very easy way to bring clarity and relief”, explains Mariana, who says that the more you practice it, the better it will come out.

cleanse yourself emotionally

Mariana recommends that you give yourself a moment a day to be with yourself, write in your notebook, meditate, reflect, be thankful, forgive others, and even forgive yourself.

“I call it energetic and emotional hygiene. We have to learn to take care of our mental health in the same way as our physical health. Without mental health, the physical becomes weaker and is exposed to any type of external threat. We have to understand that the body asks us for breaks and that we take better care of it. We must not see diseases as a punishment, we must take them as a very important part of our process,” says Mariana, who is also the author of the book the universe in you

Change your way of seeing things

Many times, when we have a disorder or depression, we think that’s how we were born. That’s exactly how Mariana felt. She thought that everyone knew how life worked except her, but she clarifies that seeing it like this was a gift, because thanks to those panic attacks and that eating disorder, she began to seek help, to explore new tools and to see what was wrong with her. as a growth adventure and an opportunity to transform into a much more empowered and wiser version.

“Thanks to those moments, many people end up becoming super powerful because they inspire others. It should not be seen as a punishment or as something bad that comes with you, but rather as a bridge to a better version of yourself”, recommends Mariana.

Do you still have fights with the anxiety and depression that the pandemic left us? Mariana puts it very simply: when all this began we did not have freedom and little by little we are recovering it.

“With that freedom we have a lot of power and responsibility because things are going to keep changing, difficult and unexpected situations are going to keep happening, but let’s understand that the last few years brought a golden opportunity for us to find the resources and tools to say whatever happens.” Whatever happens, I believe in myself and I can handle whatever comes. I recommend to the people who read this that they take these tools and commit to that internal work, because it is what is going to make all the difference in the future and in the present”, concludes Mariana

With these simple tips, start the year with your best version. If you want to know more about Mariana Vázquez Hirsh visit

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