St. Francis of Assisi, humble servant of God

Also this year the parish community and all the Ragusa citizens are preparing to celebrate St. Francis of Assisi who, with his evangelical radicalism, in his human authenticity, with his sympathy and fraternal courtesy, was the generator and inspiration of humanity.

“Celebrating the feast of St. Francis – says Don Nicola Iudica – means for all of us not only to sing his praises but also to let ourselves be involved in the appeals of the Gospel and of our world today, renewing our Christian vocation. Even if the pandemic is not over yet, the conflicts taking place on the planet (not least the one between Russia and Ukraine) are making their consequences felt in various areas, many people suffer from problems of various kinds, we need to turn to the Father Holy also through the intercession of St. Francis. And we turn to the Father so that on this earth the love that He left us can reign and that this love can push us to review our individual and community spirituality. In this the poor man of Assisi encourages us, as he did in his time, to undergo periodic discernments and to assume healthy and sober lifestyles. So… pay attention to the heart, since a heart linked to the Lord is transformed into meekness and humility and this gives rise to a reconciled and healthy existence ”.

“The parish feast (of the seraph of God) is a necessary opportunity for all of us – continues Don Nicola – because it expresses our likeness to God, who after completing creation, rested on the seventh day. Living the party is a sign of our freedom as children of God. The rhythms of the sun and the moon mark the alternation between work and rest, calling us to live joyful moments as an affirmation of our dignity as persons, which must never be sacrificed to productivity. Furthermore, the feast is an anticipation of the great final joy, of heaven, of life with God. How can we therefore live without a feast, in continuous sadness? The feast is a window open to the sky, it strengthens the will to live, it opens to hope, it strengthens our communion. Party is also sharing ”.

And finally Don Nicola summarizes the vast program of the celebrations: “This year we will celebrate the Stigmata (17/09), S. Pio da Pietrelcina (23/09), we will adore the Blessed Sacrament (29/09), we will accompany St. Francis in the Transit (03/10), We will celebrate it (04/09). We will talk about the images of St. Francis in Iblean art (23/09), about the Franciscan presence in Ragusa (25/09), about Francis as model of a Synodal Church (26/09), about Francis who in his earthly life wanted nothing to itself (28/09). The parish communities of our Diocese will make us feel their closeness with the Eucharistic celebrations. We will sing with the review of the Polyphonic Choirs (30/09), with the event “Una voce per San Francesco (01/10), with the Mariele Ventre Choir (02/10), with Deborah Iurato (02/10). Let’s celebrate the feast, thinking of the incredible love that God had not only for St. Francis of Assisi, but for each of us, making himself close and participating in our story, while we let ourselves be assailed by amazement for his great Love. life and our parish community in the hands of Christ. And the joy of the Gospel will fill our hearts ”.


Editing “Together” comes out with n ° 0 on 8 December 1984. Since then the editorial staff has been the “training house” for many young people who have collaborated with passion and commitment.

St. Francis of Assisi, humble servant of God – Together Ragusa