Sleep better, stress less: in the South

And if to deal with the troubles of one and the overflow of the other, we offered ourselves a parenthesis? Our prescription in five cures between the Pyrenees, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, with the promise displayed, rediscovered serenity.

Sleep is one of the pillars of human well-being, along with diet, physical activity, relationships and spirituality says Florence Féron, holistic coach who has just reopened Maison La Course in Bordeaux, a charming guest house where she welcomes her guests by cultivating the notion of self-fulfilment. However, in 2021, more than 60% of French people said they had sleep problems and more than a quarter suffered from anxiety, according to the CoviPrev study which studies the impact of the pandemic on mental health.

To regain quality sleep and learn to manage stress, different approaches, medicinal, behavioral, psychotherapeutic, are possible. But the concept of cures can be a valuable alternative or complement. Hydrotherapy or thalassotherapy, here are five destinations to reconnect with restful nights and serene days.

In Saujon, the thermal school of stress

Saujon is the only spa dedicated to psychological ailments. Spa town of Saujon / Photo press

A spa treatment for stress or depression? Often associated with asthma or rheumatism, hydrotherapy is also indicated at any age and for psychosomatic complaints. And the spa town of Saujon in Charentes has made it its speciality… since 1860. Thanks to its water rich in calcium, lithium and magnesium with calming and sedative properties, Saujon is the only mono-indication “psy” spa, specializing in the management of stress, anxiety, depression, burn-out, sleep disorders. In 2012, a Thermal Stress School was created there: psychoeducational courses of 3, 5 or 21 days help, with the help of cognitive-behavioural therapies and in addition to thermal treatments, to “tame stress”. The exercise is facilitated by the relaxing atmosphere of this small town of Saintonge on the banks of the Seudre. Royan and the Côte de Beauté, the Gironde estuary are only a quarter of an hour’s drive away to breathe the sea air and complete the benefits of an expert treatment.

Spa town of Saujon: from €354 for a 3-day “Let go” stay, without accommodation.

In Bagnères-de-Bigorre, a healthy week in the heart of the Pyrenees

We take advantage of the good Pyrenean air of this charming little spa and mountain town. Great Baths of Bagnères-de-Bigorre / Press photo

Already famous in Roman times and then frequented by Henri IV, Montaigne, Lamartine, George Sand or Mérimée, the thermal baths of Bagnères-de-Bigorre have been reinvented over the centuries. In addition to the three-week cures where two pathologies can be treated simultaneously on the resort’s three indications – rheumatology, respiratory tract, psychosomatic ailments -, the Grands Thermes and the Aquensis thermal spa have launched themed Health Weeks. “Stop Stress” or “Reboost yourself” thus target anxiety, sleep disorders, loss of morale. Relaxation and mindful walking sessions, jet showers or mud applications, massages and workshops around stress management, sleep and nutrition allow you to reset the counters and recharge your energies. The analgesic, antispasmodic and myorelaxant effect of sulphated, calcium and magnesium waters naturally hot (50°C) are combined with the fresh Pyrenean air of this charming little spa and mountain town. In the distance, the Pic du Midi (still from Bigorre), its Observatory, its starry sky reserve and its 360 panorama of the Pyrenees…

Great Baths of Bagnères-de-Bigorre : from €299 per “Reboost Your Week”, without accommodation.

In Molitg-les-Bains, Catalan sun and natural sleep

Molitg-les-Bains offers mini-cures dedicated to sleep. Spa town of Molitg-les-Bains / Photo press

Nestled in a circle of mountains in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees, Molitg-les-Bains is an ideal haven of nature for recharging your batteries. Specializing in the treatment of rheumatic, respiratory and dermatological diseases, this spa, the first in the Chaîne Thermale du Soleil, also offers mini-cures including one dedicated to “Natural sleep”. The stay revolves around thermal treatments which benefit from the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of water rich in sulphur, silica, fluorine and thermal plankton, and sessions of watsu, reiki, yoga, music and chromotherapy and meditation. Dietary and sophrology consultations help identify the causes of chronic insomnia and adopt the right reflexes on a daily basis. And the hikes in the sunniest region of France and the discovery of the pretty surrounding villages, facing the Canigou and between palm trees and fir trees, do the rest…

Spa town of Molitg-les-Bains : from €460 for a 6-day “Natural sleep” mini-cure, without accommodation.

On the Ile de Ré, two iodized cures to relax

Relais Thalasso combines the modernity of its facilities and top-of-the-range treatments. Relais Thalasso / Press photo

The ocean air, the invigorating sea spray, the island getaway and the typically Retired charm of the small white villages dotted with the color of hollyhocks. On the pretty Ile de Ré, the conditions are met to chase away stress and find sleep and serenity, leaving worries and overwork on the other side of the bridge. At the entrance to the island, Relais Thalasso flaunts the modernity of its facilities and is riding the wave of stays combining top-of-the-range care, outdoor activities and inspired decoration, with ocean views from the rooms but also from the fabulous new rooftop of the Loofah Bar. The Stress & Sleep cure offers 12 marine treatments, 3 massages and 7 activities ranging from sophrology to hiking while rebalancing your diet. The restaurant L’Atalante, run by chef Christopher Tremine, gives pride of place to gourmet vegetables and has just been awarded for its transition to eco-responsible cuisine.

Almost at the end of the island, in Ars-en-Ré, Côté Thalasso relies on personalized medical care to maximize the benefits of seawater. The No Stress cure includes 20 treatments including wraps, hydrojets, sophrology and massages with marine magnesium oil. An exclusive innovation from Côté Thalasso, this 100% natural oil comes from the concentration of magnesium chloride in seawater, known for its effects on stress, nervousness, sleep disorders but also on joint or muscle pain. , detox or anti-aging prevention. A magical active ingredient to perfect an expert cure, which can also be found on the Mediterranean side in Banyuls-sur-Mer.

Thalasso Relay : from €1199 for the 6-day Stress Sleep programme, without accommodation.

Thalasso side : from €809 for the 5-day No Stress cure, without accommodation.

In Canet-en-Roussillon, an anti-stress cure facing the sea

At the Pink Flamingos of Canet-en-Roussillon, you learn to let go. The Flamingos / Photo press

Nine kilometers of fine sand beach, a pond classified as a nature reserve, the Albères which fall into the sea in the distance: such is the decor around the hotel-thalasso-spa Les Flamants Roses in Canet-en-Roussillon, a popular seaside resort of the Amethyst Coast. Pink like the neighboring flamingos, this recently renovated family resort offers large contemporary rooms and a bright 1,200 m² marine spa, as well as excellent breakfasts and a gourmet restaurant. Ideal for the start of the school year when the summer visitors have left, the “anti-stress cure” provides 24 treatments including massages and seawater showers, seaweed wraps, watsu to let go… Let go when you wake up facing the Mediterranean and enjoying the mild autumns and winters of Roussillon.

Hotel Thalasso & Spa Les Flamants Roses : from €930 for a 6-day cure, without accommodation.

Sleep better, stress less: in the South-West, five cures to better live this return to school