Sharm El Sheikh, much more than the usual nightlife

Sharm El Sheikh it is the spearhead of the Sinai Peninsula, lapped by crystal clear waters that reveal paradise. A mask and a snorkel are enough, without disturbing the sacred scriptures, even if Moses really passed through that sea. What makes this place unique is the extraordinary coral reef one step away from the coast, but also the millenary history, made up of biblical testimonies. A tourist destination that offers much more than just doing nothing between bamboo umbrellas and nightlife that animates the nights: the most popular seaside destination in Egypt is told beyond the stereotypes of hit and run tourism. To discover Sharm it is an immersive experience in ancient traditions and a real dive into the depths of the Red Sea, the colored abysses among the most beautiful in the world, with thousands of species and some rare specimens, such as the green turtle and the “hawk beak”, And again the“ damsels ”fish with silver reflections, the yellow“ butterfly ”fishes like ripe cedars, and the dancing algae that flit at the passage of some good giant like the whale shark.

TO Sharm El Sheikh you explore the waves but also the dunes of the desert, a land of mirages and archaic customs that resist the centuries and aridity. Hinterland to be discovered aboard a Quada 4 × 4 or a dromedary, along the routes of the ancient caravans and pilgrims, such as the path that reaches the Monastery of Santa Caterinaa Unesco heritage site steeped in spirituality, the oldest in all of Christianity, located right at the foot of the Mount Sinai.

Sharm it is not just sea and fun, it is everything you want, an all-round destination that offers many emotions, like a stay Francorossowhere hospitality is a matter of traditions and encounters: European style and Middle Eastern suggestions, starting with the magical atmospheres of location that enchant the eye between decorations and arabesques, to the spicy menu that mixes the flavors of our tradition and many other delicious proposals, up to the rituals beauty Spa that pamper guests with argan and jasmine oil scented treatments. There are many opportunities to relax and have fun, always with that touch of authenticity that also transforms light-heartedness into experience.

A journey that starts from the arrival

Sharm El Sheikh it is considered the most sparkling seaside resort in the Red Sea. And it is without a doubt. But in addition to the nightlife and the verve spirits that distinguish it, it reveals corners of peace and tranquility, where the ancient soul of a fishing village still lingers. A destination to be discovered, just like i Francorosso resort, more than simple accommodations but immersive and interactive places, where you can find your own dimension, an added value to your trip. Not only many recreational and entertainment proposals for all ages, but also the right atmosphere, like that of SeaClub Savoy Sharm El Sheikh that welcomes you in the festive air of Soho Squarethe most colorful and animated square in Sharm where the main entrance is, and then lead you into a world of absolute relaxation, between enveloping scents and precious details, those of unique antiques, typical fabrics and colonial motifs. Style british and contaminations from a thousand and one nights transform spaces into suggestions, so does the extraordinary tropical garden located in the center of the lobby. A mix and match which is also told at the table, teasing the palate with refined dishes. A location ideal for an unforgettable holiday, directly overlooking the beach of White Knightone step away from one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, reachable by 2 different floating piers, one of 25 and the other of about 30 meters, each of which leads to a natural swimming pool.

Another structure that reveals beautiful and unexpected opportunities is the SeaClub Grand Rotana Sharm El Sheikhlocated in the renowned bay of Shark’s Bay, one of the most popular in the area. Even in this place to be of the seaside nightlife it is easy to find your own dimension and absolute relaxation, and three accesses to the wonders of reef one step away from the shore. From the blue of the sea to the green of the garden, with Francorosso you live a regenerating holiday: the resort is surrounded by a large park, embellished with waterfalls and over 2,000 tropical palm trees.

Another fairytale stay to be experienced is al SeaResort Coral Sea Sensors, located at Ra’s Nasrani, one of the best known bays for diving. The resort overlooks a strip of golden sand with access to the pier that allows you to reach the sea and the coral wonder, and with the proposals of the diving center it is also possible to reach the most beautiful diving spots at a short distance: Ras Gamilacloaked in lush gorgonians, Ras Bob, characterized by splendid caves populated by many species, e the island of Tiran which stands right in front of the bay, known for its magnificent seabed.

Not just the beach: the most beautiful excursions with a dip in the blue

Francorosso offers the best to experience a memorable holiday, with all the comforts and services of the facilities, but also exciting opportunities to discover the area in the company of expert guides, in total safety. In addition to the unmissable destinations in the city, such as the modern one Naama Bayfamous for its bay, the lively center and sparkling nightlife, the famous beaches of Ra’s Nasrani, Shark’s BayAnd Nabq Bay, the latter known for being the most breezy of Sharmthe adventurous organized excursions that will accompany you to discover the north-east of Egypt are worth a day or more.

Among the most beautiful proposals, the Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve, just half an hour drive from Sharm, considered a real paradise of land and sea biodiversity. It is a nature reserve that extends over an area of ​​about 480 km, from the granite mountains to the desert dunes, up to the coast lapped by turquoise water, in some places intertwined by a dense network of mangroves, habitat of many species. From the fossil corals of the hinterland, sedimentary finds that tell more than an encyclopedia on the genesis of the Earth, to the life of the underwater ones that count more than two hundred species, an enchantment that branches out between a coming and going of fish, molluscs and the extraordinary fauna of this Marine Park which offers some of the most beautiful diving in the Red Sea in the dive spots of Shark, Ras Ghozlani, Jackfish Alley, Za’atar and Yolanda.

Another beautiful alternative is a boat trip to theTiran islanda short distance from the coast of Sharm. A deserted and uninhabited Eden that leaves the enchantment of life to the underwater world. It is no coincidence that it is considered one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the Red Sea as it has four spectacular coral reefs: Jackson Reef, Thomas Reef, Woodhouse Reef and Gordon Reef, the latter the shallowest, ideal for practicing snorkeling and for novice divers. Precisely in this backdrop it lies the wreck of the merchant ship Louilla which sank in the 90s: it took a few decades to transform itself into a seaside resort, an exclusive location for the inhabitants of the blue. A place can always reveal an unexpected dimension, perhaps this is precisely the magic of Sharm.

Sharm El Sheikh, much more than the usual nightlife – Il Fatto Quotidiano