Sharing happiness beyond difficulties: the Incontri festival

A direct dialogue with reality was the opening of the fourth edition of the Incontri Festival, a review curated by Gutenberg workshops And Asp City of Piacenza and dedicated to reading, writing and fragility. The circle Rathaus of Piacenza hosted the first day, with Mattia Muratore which, together with Brunello Buonocore, gave birth to a comparison full of anecdotes from the life of the author of Arcore. Mattia retraced several pages of his book “I was born like this, but don’t tell anyone”which finds the preface of Luciano Ligabue, telling the large audience events of real life and the difficulties (but he also says the merits) that a disabled boy can face in everyday life, from going to the stadium, to a concert, or to move. A true testimony, which has also snatched many smiles for the naturalness with which Muratore knows how to tell his life.

Guest of Incontri – Reading, writing and fragility, too Gaia Rayneri. “I want to share the happiness that I have learned, because it is the most precious thing I have,” she said. “A book of healing” more than talking about the tortuous path linked to the discovery of suffering from a ‘borderline personality disorder’, he takes another path, the one that leads to happiness. A concept, a feeling, a term often abused and treated lightly, a utopia, at the beginning, for Gaia. It all started at the age of 24, and for doctors, a “remission of symptoms” would already have been a major achievement. But that pain gave Gaia the impetus to find an awareness, she went from a “hopeless case” to a happy person: an itinerary full of unknowns, sufferings enriched by the discovery of a particular spirituality. The word borderline gives the idea of ​​something – someone – hanging by a thread, ready at any moment to fall into the abyss: “it has to do with extreme feelings, self-sabotage and the need to love”. A desperate need for love, writes Gaia, paraphrasing – or maybe not, we don’t know – an old song. Ten dragons have shown her the way, or how to transform darkness into light, adding love: “you die only to be reborn” and emotions can also be created with words. “A book of healing” is a destabilizing story, which does not leave the time it finds, on the contrary, it distorts it. Gaia’s teaching commands us to rethink and re-think the words we think we know.

The councilors also took part in the first day Christian Fiazza And Nicoletta Corvithe Incontri review continues today a Space4.0. From 10 Giangiacomo Tedeschi will present “Can you do it?” (Felici, 2022), introduced by Chiara Castignoli of L’Arco social cooperative, while at 11 the Modena crime writer Fabiano Massimi will talk about “Live hidden” (Mondadori, 2022), the second detective story of the Montecristo Club series, a bizarre coven of ex-prisoners who investigate the Po Valley crimes, together with the Piacenza writer Gabriele Dadati. To follow, at 12, the newcomer of Edizioni Officine Gutenberg, the promising “Crazy stuff” of the Piacenza educator Gian Pazziintroduced by the journalist and videomaker Gero Guagliardo. In the afternoon, after lunch at the stands of the Resistant Peasants and of the Social Coffee, resumes with the talk on the prison and social economy “Impresa e inclusione”, organized with Botanical Garden social cooperative, which will see the participation and subsequent tasting of the products of Ex Novo of the Piacenza prison, Escape of flavors from the prison of Alessandria, the wines of the social cooperative Perinelli winerythe beer of the social coop Articioc Brewery di Noceto and chocolate from social coop 180 of Codogno.

Sharing happiness beyond difficulties: the Incontri festival –