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The writer and priest Jesús Sánchez Adalid has assured that “fanaticism is a loss” and “that absolutely nothing is gained that way”, a reality that has shaped his work El Morazabeset in the Cordova of the caliphs, “until the last one I have written, The weapons of lightwhose title looks directly at that”.

Sánchez Adalid, who participates in Córdoba in the VIII Meeting of Contemporary Catholic Musicianshas pointed out that “the fundamental reason for my work is to help people discover that in all cultures there are valuesthat human beings belong to a common trunk, that we cannot be divided”.

The author has pointed out that The weapons of light reflects how “peace, harmony, dialogue are contrary to the iron weapons that are the weapons of war”. The writer has presented this speech to those attending the meeting, organized by the Episcopal Subcommission for Youth and Children of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, to which he was summoned to speak about ¿How to write history today to build peace?.

“It is a very generic title in which you can talk about many things, I think that the intention of having put that title is due to the circumstance that we have”, he said in reference to the war conflict Europe lives.

After acknowledging that his presence at the meeting was as a writer, because “I’m into music, well, the truth is that I understand a little” although “yes, it is true that after all it is creation”, he underlined that he intended to transmit the experience of your work“always peace, conciliation, integration between cultures”.

To do this, he added: “Throughout my career as a writer I have been asserting all those virtues, all those values ​​that I believe are fundamental today”, which connects with the fact that “music is key within that spiritualityI believe that music cannot be understood without that relationship with spirituality, there is a universal harmony”.

Thus, he has pointed out that “creation itself is a gift from God towards the human being, an immense gift, it is a gift that must always be used for good and never for evil and, therefore, in this sense, all creators, whether we are musicians, whether we are playwrights, or let’s be novel writers, we have to work in that direction”.

Asked whether he believes that these values ​​will prevail in the scenario that he recognizes is taking place today, Jesús Sánchez Adalid has asserted that he preferred to “always think positively, the conflict belongs to the world and we have to be realistic”.

Despite this, he has recognized that “the conflict is going to remain there, but that does not mean that we remain idly by or in a state of discouragement and negativity, but that each one has to contribute with the instruments that have been given , with the weapons that have been given, to get peace and to achieve the encounter between human beings, but, just as I say one thing, I also say the other, that the conflict is going to be there, precisely for this reason we have to fight harder”.

Sanchez Champion: