Samuel Hernández: “Lalo is not dead, he is resting, the one who dies is the one who is forgotten”

Early in the afternoon, the horns that blared the hits of lalo rodriguez at the Ehret Funeral Home, they took a break in the funeral chapel to give way to the voice of the singer of sacred music, samuel hernandezwho for an hour gave encouraging words to both the family and the fans, while he was singing his songs accompanied by the guitar.

There, an atmosphere of reflection and spirituality permeated, where the public on various occasions raised their hands, as an act of adoration, while some musician friends of Rodríguez – all dressed in black – positioned themselves at the back of the coffin to render him an honor guard.

Between hopeful and comforting words, Hernández sang several songs for an hour, but before that he asked for applause for whoever Lalo Rodríguez was and thus celebrate his life.

“I was able to meet in life and share many times with Lalo. In recent years, she congregated in search of that peace, that peace that she was unable to find in the Grammys, or in fame, or in money. That peace that only Christ can give us and that helps us understand and overcome this pain”, expressed the vocalist and musician.

Musical themes such as “Peace in the storm”, “The Glory of God”, “God knows what he is doing” and “Don’t tell me goodbye”, among others, were also chanted by the people, who were reminded that “only God He is the one who can give strength in the midst of pain.”

“Then Lalo said, ‘I have fought the good fight and I have finished the race. I have kept the faith for others, took a break and this one has entered to sing to the glory of God. God does not improvise and knows what he is doing. I lost two children, that is violent. I was a little brave, but I understood that God is not to be understood; His will is nice, it is perfect and it is “, he said while adding that the last time he saw Lalo, he saw him very well in Carolina and spoke to him about his desire to record Christian songs and to seek God. “”God saved him. Nobody knows what happened to him minutes before he died. He was in a battle like the one that a lot of salseros have been in, that the world wants to embrace and absorb them, but he had recognized that the true path is Christ”.

The sacred music artist, who has had to fire and say “the last goodbye” to countless people, took the opportunity to call for hope. “I am singing to people who have hope in Christ. This is a different wake, there are people here who have hope. Lalo is not dead, he is resting; the one who dies is the one who is forgotten. No one is going to take away that hope. Last Tuesday, at approximately 2 in the afternoon, he moved, because the one who dies is the one who is forgotten, ”said the artist before leaving Puerto Rico on a trip.

Hernández mentioned that Lalo “This man defeated death on more than 10 occasions, that I know of. When his time came, he simply gave up, not because of what happened to him or the disease, but because of the one who came looking for him,” added Hernández, while stressing that he never stopped visiting the place where he grew up. because he was “too loyal”.

In the popular song “I raise my hands”, the children of the late artist sang the song, sitting in the front row, together with his ex-wife. Above them Hernández asked to extend his hands. He prayed to them and declared peace and strength to his family “who did not abandon him in times of crisis.”

“May one of the greats of salsa rest in peace, Lalo Rodríguez. Hurray!” he yelled as he gave himself a standing ovation. Not knowing the lyrics, Hernández ended his presentation with the popular song “Tú no sabe querer”, by Lalo himself, for which he invited a fan to sing it while he played the guitar.

As if they did not want to say goodbye, there was room for spontaneity and improvisation, and as part of that was the fact that a lady sang “La Última”, a song with which Rodríguez fell in love with whoever his wife was, as revealed by her. “I feel a joy in my soul” and “In case there is no tomorrow” culminated the remembrance ceremony, which became a celebration full of life, in which, among anecdotes from their followers, musicians and friends highlighted qualities of Rodríguez, as a generous, selfless and talented being.

Samuel Hernández: “Lalo is not dead, he is resting, the one who dies is the one who is forgotten”