Ritual of detachment: to start November free from what binds us

“By assuming existence, trusting in life and in the power that beats strongly inside you when you feel rescued and listened to, you are in a position to take another step. Not just any but one that symbolizes a transcendent test of detachment”.

These are words from the introduction to chapter 11 of shinethe book of Guillermina LopataBachelor of Psychology, who after continuing her training in Neuroscience and other related formal knowledge, also entered the world of integrated knowledge, non-traditional worldviews and spirituality to shape this compendium of “Magic rituals to raise your personal power”.

And, to begin this nascent month stripped of what binds us, blocks us, this Ritual of Detachment to “Release with Awareness: The Three Deliveries”says its title.

What do you need for the ritual of detachment

-An object that must have meant something to you but that you no longer want to keep.

-A memory that you consider is time to let go. It can be pleasant or painful. The important thing is that you choose to let go because you understand that it is time to move on.

-An expectation: assumptions about what, according to your vision, your history, your upbringing and your culture should happen. If it happens as you want, you are happy and if not, you are unhappy.

-Magic Log (a notebook to record this experience).

-Pencil or pen.

-A violet candle.

-A match

What you should take into account

Respect the three stages of the ritual: do not try to rush it, since each step is important and must be experienced peacefully.

how long does the ritual take

Stage 1: object. After resting in the Sacred Space, 30 minutes

Stage 2: memory. 15 minutes.

Stage 3: expectation. 10 minutes.

Step by step: ritual of detachment

1- Take the chosen object and leave it in your sacred space for 24 hours.

2-After that time, take it with your hands, take it to your nose and smell it. Bring it to your mouth and kiss it. Take it to your ear and listen to it. Take it to the heart and feel it.

3- Say the following decree: “I (your name), from my existence and before all forms of existence, recognize you (name the object); you mean (say what it means to you); thank you. It is time to enter the flow of movement, of emptiness and confidence in life. I understand, understand and assume that detaching myself from you to integrate the wealth that lives inside me and connect with the pleasure of doing, more than having. I declare this from my two energies, feminine and masculine. That being said”.

4-The object should be offered: you can give it away, bury it (as long as it is not harmful to the earth), burn it. If you deliver it to the earth or fire, you must connect with those universal elements, tell them what you are giving, why you are doing it and tell them that you trust that they will know what to do with your offered object.

5- The next day, also in your Sacred Space, take your memory to mind and narrate it on paper.

6- I lit the violet candle, while you say: “Hello, candle; welcome to my universe. Wake up, wake up”. In front of her, he reads her memory out loud.

7- At the end, take three deep breaths and say: “I (your name), in this ritual act, from my conscience and through the transmuting power of the violet flame, deliver this memory because I understand, understand and assume that it is time to free my mind. Thank you for your teaching (you can say what you learned with this memory), I let you go. Said it is.”

8- burn the paper with violet candle flame.

9- The next day, in your Sacred Space, I wrote the expectation in you magic log. At some point of the day, I chose something delicious to eat (an ice cream, a chocolate, a delicious pizza, a juicy fruit, a tasty vegetable), that is, what you enjoy the most and that is delicious for you.

10- Before taking the first bite, say: “Hello (food); you represent the expectation. I eat you pleasantly because I understand, I understand and I assume that nothing and no one will take me out of the happiness of the here and now. Said it is!”. Enjoy that bite like you never did before.,

The Lopata End this ritual by saying: “Releasing with awareness is a magical experience that invites us to enter the flow of subtle and light movement. You will experience a great energy that will return to you and allow you to be available for the new”.

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Ritual of detachment: to start November free from what binds us