Rihanna, Lous and The Yakuza, Redcar… The musical selection of the week

What are the best songs, clips and albums of the week? Number unveils its weekly playlist, from the return of the charismatic and shamanic Belgian singer Lous and The Yakuza to the reinvention of Christine and the Queens as Redcar.

The (lyric) video of “I finally see you” (2022) by Christine and the Queens/Redcar

1. “Redcar the Adorable Stars” from Redcar/Christine and the Queens

Identity is not a long calm river, but a perpetual (re)construction, a moving and multiple thing that requires courage, patience and a certain genius. This is the lesson of the work of Christine and the Queenswhich offers a flamboyant new poetic construction under the name of Redcar, an androgynous man wearing an oversized striped suit and a red glove. Like ambitious and avant-garde artists such as david bowie, Bjork or Prince, Redcar offers a synthetic opera inspired by the 80s whose prologue comes out in the form of an album, entitled Redcar the adorable stars, this Friday, November 11.

The object was registered at EUnited States with American producer Mike Dean (Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, Jay-Z) and wants to be very ambitious. The very poetic lyrics (mostly in French) address the themes of love, belief and self-affirmation. And the synthetic music, very influenced by the 80s, sometimes suggests Depeche Mode and the German industrial duo DAF, especially on the hit I finally see you. This crazy project is accompanied by a show combining dance, theater and music, which Redcar defended last night at the Cirque d’hiver, and which she will represent this self, with the same right. The one who collaborated with Indochine, Charlie XCX, Caroline Polachek and 070 Shake announces, however, that this is only the beginning of a great narrative gesture that repositions art in a spiritual and metaphysical quest for cathartic virtues. Other parts of this fascinating adventure should therefore see the light of day shortly.

“Redcar the Adorable Stars” by Redcar/Christine and the Queens, available on all platforms.

The video for “Hiroshima (Live) | Vevo LIFT” (2022) by Lous and The Yakuza

2. “Iota” (2022) by Lous and The Yakuza

R’n’B mixed with pop and trap created by the elegant Belgian singer and rapper Lous and The Yakuzawho is also muse Louis Vuittonpainter, interior designer, translator of poems (from the American Amanda Gorman) and a woman engaged in the construction of hospitals in Africa, exudes a rare humanity. On his second album, Iota, Lous and The Yakuza speaks of spirituality, love and hope, and speaks directly to the hearts of the listeners, urging them to see their lives differently.

Like the symbol drawn on his forehead (a silhouette raising his hands to the sky), the artist invites us to look to the stars, even when the rest of the body is entangled in the turpitudes of the material world. Brighter than his first opus, full of hits (the bomb Hiroshima in the lead) and nourished by references to Asia, gore (2020), this new record continues to establish the singer as one of the essential figures of today’s pop.

“Iota” (2022) by Lous and The Yakuza, available on all platforms.

The video for “Dreamer” (2022) by The Blaze

3. “Dreaming” (2022) by The Blaze

Flagship of the French electronic scene, The Blaze duo has come a long way since April 2017. At the time, the whole world was passionate about this mysterious group which only released an EP of electro-house haunted by autotuned vocals. After the EP Territory [2017] and the scrapbook dance hall [2018]Guillaume and Jonathan Alric unveil their new sonic and visual tour de force: they reveal Dreamer, new single from their next album to come in 2023. A track accompanied by a splendid video shot by the duo in Dakar (Senegal). The output of Dreamer marks the announcement of the very first European dates to come in the spring of 2023, notably at the Seine Musicale (in Paris) in April.

“Dreaming” (2022) by The Blaze, available on all platforms.

The video (Audio) of “Born Again” (2022) by Rihanna

4. “Born Again” (2022) by Rihanna

Two weeks after releasing her soulful new single and clean, Lift Me Up, Barbadian-born superstar Rihanna returns this Friday, November 11 with a new title: born again. As Lift Me Up, born again is a track taken from the soundtrack of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, currently in theaters. With this moving ballad, once again demonstrating her vocal power, Rihanna confirms that she is indeed back in music, six years after her excellent album. Anti.

“Born Again” (2022) by Rihanna, available on all platforms.

Rihanna, Lous and The Yakuza, Redcar… The musical selection of the week