Renovation works begin in the San Joaquín and Santa Ana de Caaguazú churches

Asunción, IP Agency.- Yesterday, in the temple of the city of San Joaquín in the department of Caaguazú, the act was signed for the start of works to enhance the San Joaquín and Santa Ana Church, a Jesuit legacy in Paraguay, carried out by the National Secretariat of Culture (SNC).

The enhancement contemplates the restitution of the original function of the building linked to the spirituality of the community, for which the works will allow the recovery of the building and the artistic and integrated assets that are part of it.

The work team will be made up of architects specializing in the conservation of cultural heritage, architects, engineers specializing in structures, archaeologists, as well as other specialists, and they will have the permanent accompaniment of the community.

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This work constitutes an intervention of great relevance for the community of San Joaquín and for the country, it will be executed within the framework of the commitment assumed by the SNC, for the protection of cultural property.

On behalf of the Minister of Culture, Rubén Capdevila, the General Director of Cultural Heritage, Maricarmen Couchonnal, signed the document.

The Municipal Mayor, Luis Palacios; the technical Inspection team that will monitor the work, made up of Eng. Ada Verna, construction inspector and Architect Julio Ibarra, construction supervisor; the president of the Commission for the Restoration of the Temple, Ubaldina Rodas de Hellman and the engineers Sebastián Cabello and Marcelo Sánchez, representatives of the Restoration Consortium (Mes Ingenieria SA- Barrail Hermanos SA de Construcciones) and – Members of the San Joaquin community.

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Since 2019, the SNC has carried out actions in coordination with the community, the Commission for the Restoration of the Church, municipal authorities, a representative of the Church, the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Art of the National University of Asunción (FADA-UNA ) and the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC).

On January 22, 2022, the SNC carried out the official act of handing over the emergency intervention works to safeguard the Jesuit temple to the local community, with the presence of Minister Capdevila; the Minister of Social Development, Mario Varela and Mayor Palacios, in addition to the residents.

The intervention carried out in the temple consisted of archaeological works, the metallic propping of the wooden structure, the propping of the adobe walls and the roof, which completely protects the church, in addition to the construction of a space that will be used for storage. of the movable property that is kept in the Sacristy.

On the occasion, the Minister of Culture highlighted that “this is the first church that is restoring the SNC, the first religious heritage that we are facing with great responsibility and commitment, towards the community of San Joaquín”, while thanking the accompaniment of citizenship and express that, from the institution, it will continue working together with the Ministry of Social Development and local authorities, with the aim that this important religious heritage is fully restored.

The community chief expressed his satisfaction at the conclusion of the first stage of this important work and thanked the institutions involved in the emergency intervention.

Finally, Gustavo Bazán, a member of the Restoration Commission, thanked the SNC and other institutions for their support. “We are very happy for the achievement and I thank the Ministry of Culture and those who contributed during the process.”

The temple of San Joaquín de los Tobatines, was founded in 1747 by priests of the Society of Jesus and is the only Jesuit church active as a parish in the world, which contains sacred images that still preserve their original features and paintings. .

Renovation works begin in the San Joaquín and Santa Ana de Caaguazú churches – .::IP Agency::.