Red Circle publishes ‘George Harrison. He knows spirituality through his songs, by María Jesús Martín


Círculo Rojo Grupo Editorial has published ‘George Harrison. He knows spirituality through his songs, the new work by María Jesús Martín, a great lover of writing and above all, a great fan of The Beatles.

Through ‘George Harrison. He knows spirituality through his songs ‘trying to show the world the spiritual meaning of his music, according to the self-publishing label.

“In these times where everything goes at the speed of light and we don’t have time for anything, I wanted to transmit the spirituality, to which I woke up two years ago without expecting it, in a simple and blunt way so that those who feel curious or who really want to learn about what surrounds this physical world can do it in a simple, understandable and enjoyable way”, the author transfers.

Thus, he points out that the reader will find a work divided into two parts; one explaining “spiritual basics” and the other addressing Harrison’s discography, drawing those concepts from his songs.

“The objective is to make the reader aware of the great spiritual teacher he was,” explains the author, who specifies that the inspiration came from “a great loss, the death of his father” and from the “spiritual awakening that led him to approach in a different way to the music of the member of the well-known British band”.

He indicates that, as a result, “I began to experience phenomena such as energy visualizations, buzzing, sudden knowledge.”

“After a reading of akashic records where the scene of a girl offering a flower to George Harrison at the doors of his home was narrated, I began to identify spiritual concepts in the lyrics of his songs. Ideas came to my head, phrases of songs. I started listening to his discography with new ears and realized that practically all of his lyrics refer to spiritual terms,” ​​he says.

The work takes a journey through the fundamental concepts of spirituality, explained from the author’s own experience and intense study, which will finally position the reader in a state of understanding, with which he invites him to immerse himself in the most intimate compositions. of Harrison, decrypting and revealing its true spiritual meaning.

“It’s a beautiful commitment to the musician’s legacy that will lead both George Harrison followers and those interested in the spiritual world to become aware of the reality of light and love that shines within you.” concludes the statement.

María Jesús Martín discovered the world of beatlemania in 1989, at the early age of 14 years. The Liverpool band had such an impact on her life that from the very beginning she became involved in the fan phenomenon, looking for ways to spread their music.

In the early 1990s, at the age of nineteen, his constant contact with radio stations, newspapers and music magazines led him to get a personal interview with actor Ian Hart, portrayed as John Lennon in the acclaimed film Backbeat.

Throughout three decades he has carried out numerous initiatives, in which he has contacted members of The Beatles and people very close to him, and in which a multitude of followers have participated.

Following the passing of her father in 2020, she experienced an unexpected and profound spiritual awakening, culminating in her identifying and understanding the spiritual concepts conveyed by George Harrison in his songs. He works in the field of communication and lives in Madrid (Spain).

Red Circle publishes ‘George Harrison. He knows spirituality through his songs, by María Jesús Martín