Ramadan: an opportunity to “get rid” of “injustice, hypocrisy, greed, selfishness” (CERFI President)

El hadj Hamidou Yaméogo, president of CERFI

This is a message from the president of the Circle of Islamic Studies, Research and Training (CERFI), El hadj Hamidou Yaméogo, on the occasion of the month of Ramadan. For him, this month is an opportunity to “get rid” of “injustice, corruption, hypocrisy, greed, selfishness”, urging “every Muslim and Muslim to show solidarity and empathy for those less well off”.

“In the Name of Allah, Merciful by essence and excellence

Here comes Ramadan, the spring of spirituality, the month of remission of sins, acceptance of forgiveness and freedom from hell. We give infinite thanks to the Master of the worlds and circumstances who has shown us mercy, once again, granting us the possibility of seeing and living Ramadan. At the beginning of this fast, may we be allowed to pay homage to all our deceased and to implore Allah to grant us the merits of this month.

Ramadan being the season of spiritual supply, I would like to urge each and everyone to excel in performing acts of devotion in order to emerge a winner at the end of this blessed month. It is moreover the purpose of Ramadan that Allah, exalted be He, reminds us of in these terms: “O believers! Fasting has been prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, so you will attain piety” Sura 2 Verse 183. Beyond that, fasting teaches us and leads us to endurance, patience, empathy, forgiveness, benevolence, solidarity…, all of which help to build a world of peace, harmony and prosperity.

There is no need to recall that we will observe Ramadan, once again for several years, in a national context marked by the persistence of an acute security crisis, with its corollary of loss of human life and massive population displacements. This situation demands that we work, in the name of faith in the Unique God, to strengthen national unity and restore peace. The invocation being the weapon of the believer, Ramadan, moreover the month par excellence of the approval and mercy of Allah, we must redouble our efforts in the invocation, the supplication, the call for help in order to that this month marks the beginning of a definitive and lasting return to peace and security; return of internally displaced persons to their places of origin. But for our call to be heard, we need to reform. “Verily, Allah does not modify the state of a people, as long as the people composing it do not modify what is in themselves. Sura 13 Verse 11. And Ramadan offers us the opportunity to get rid of diseases like injustice, corruption, hypocrisy, greed, selfishness that plague our society.

If Ramadan is a time of spiritual fervor, it is also a great opportunity to improve our relationships with others. This is why we must ensure that people in difficulty find in us spiritual, psychological and material comfort through the great chain of solidarity that we will put in place for their benefit. In addition, Ramadan arrives this year, more than the previous ones, in a context of soaring prices of consumer products. While urging trade actors to reverent fear of God, and authorities to more vigilance, the Circle of Islamic Studies, Research and Training (CERFI) urges every Muslim to show solidarity and empathy for those less fortunate.

May Allah protect our country and strengthen living together and social harmony.

Have a great month of Ramadan everyone!

Wa assalamou alaykum »

El hadj Hamidou YAMEOGO

Ramadan: an opportunity to “get rid” of “injustice, hypocrisy, greed, selfishness” (CERFI President)