Princess Märtha Louise and her fiancé proud of Maud Angelica Behn’s first exhibition

Maud Angelica Behn is currently exhibiting her paintings in a cultural center in Ås. The granddaughter of King Harald V begins to make a name for herself in the world of art, a meteoric progression that delights her mother. Princess Märtha Louise and her fiancé, shaman Durek Verrett, attended the opening of the exhibit after helping set it up.

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Maud Angelica Behn presents her first exhibition at the cultural center of Ås

The three daughters of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway are multi-talented young ladies. The eldest, Maud Angelica Behn, 19, who is also the eldest grandchild of the King of Norway, inherited her father’s artistic talents. Princess Märtha Louise’s ex-husband, Ari Behn, was a well-known artist in his country. Ari Behn ended his life on Christmas Day 2019. The death of their father influenced their rapid emancipation.

Maud Angelica Behn, her mother and her future father-in-law in front of her paintings exhibited at Ås (Photo: Dana Press/ISOPIX)

Maud Angelica, in particular, got a lot of notice at her father’s state funeral, which was broadcast on television. She was in charge of reading the eulogy on behalf of her sisters. For her courage and for her recent commitment to suicide awareness, she has won several distinctions, including a psychiatry prize. Her younger sister, Leah Isadora Behn, 17, is a makeup artist and influencer. Leah Isadora, who is already the protagonist of a reality show who follows his daily life, seems to be moving towards a future in the spotlight. Leah Isadora will take part in the next Bal des Debutantes in Paris. As for Emma Tallulah Behn, 14, the youngest of the three sisters, she excels in horse riding. She is already Norwegian junior champion in her discipline.

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Princess Märtha Louise and Shaman Durek united in support of Maud Angelica

This week, Princess Märtha Louise arrived hand-in-hand with her fiancé, American guru Durek Verrett, known as Shaman Durek. The couple helped Maud Angelica hang her paintings on the wall of the cultural center in Ås. Ås is a city located about forty kilometers from Oslo.

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“When you’ve been through something difficult, you somehow become even happier when you’re happy”the eldest granddaughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja told GV. Maud Angelica talks here about the inspiration she had to create her works. The theme of the exhibition, which she shares with other artists, is happiness. “For me, happiness is getting out of my comfort zone or getting something out of a moment, or just being with friends and having a good time. Perhaps more than anything, happiness is enjoying the things and people around you.

“I am so proud of you Maud! »wrote Princess Märtha Louise to her daughter on her Instagram account followed by more than 210,000 subscribers. “What an amazing evening meeting so many talented artists. I’m proud of you Maud. You surprise me every day with your mind and your beautiful heart.” wrote Shaman Durek to his future daughter-in-law on Instagram.

The young woman explains that she is not sure she wants to live from her art. She hasn’t decided on the path she will take in life yet, but she gives free rein to her inspiration and follows the opportunities that are offered to her. For now, she’s taking a year off after graduating from high school a few months ago.

The Princess Märtha Louise announced her engagement to Shaman Durek in June, although the announcement had been expected for some time. A few days ago, Crown Prince Haakon spoke about his sister’s future in the royal family. She is still the godmother of a few associations and ensures rare public commitments. Discussions are ongoing regarding the possibility of stripping her of her title altogether upon her upcoming marriage. Her business activities with her fiancé, on the subject of alternative spirituality and well-being, are very controversial.

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Princess Märtha Louise and her fiancé proud of Maud Angelica Behn’s first exhibition