Prayer for protection against hurricanes, earthquakes

Storms, hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters are in the path of humanity putting the lives of many people at risk, how to pray for protection when there is a threat of any of them?

Prayer for protection against natural disasters

Our Father, you are our strength in adversity.
May all those affected by storms feel your shelter in the midst of disaster.
As storms, floods and tragedies challenge our hearts,
embrace us with your love and kindness.

Have mercy of us and relieves our anxieties
and make our faith stronger and stronger
so that we always trust in your fatherly care.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Font: Priests of the Sacred Heart

Prayer to drive away storms and tempests

Lord God, the earth and all that it contains is your creation for the good of man.
Almighty God who suffered death on the tree of the Cross for our sins, be with me. Holy Cross of Jesus Christ pours all good on my path, discards all evil from me.

Holy Cross of Jesus Christ that dominates the heavens and the earth and you calm the stormsHear our pleas and drive away the fury of nature of all the lands of our brothers.

Lord Jesus, I implore you with your great power to quell the winds of this storm, and from all the ravages of nature that threaten us. Father, just as you calmed the Sea of ​​Galilee for your disciples, I implore you to calm the winds and the waters. Weaken her Lord, disorganize her. Send it harmlessly to another place where it won’t affect people’s lives. But allow, Lord, that with this we learn to recognize our sins.

Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, preserve me and mine from bodily and temporary accidents. Cross of Jesus Christ forever, Jesus of Nazareth crucified, have mercy on me and on the whole world. Deliver us from stormsDo not forsake me night or day, until you put me in peace and joy with all the saints, Jesus and Mary.



prayer of protection during hurricane season

God and Lord of all this transitory world,
listen to the voices of your sons and daughters, who humbly cry out.

The Sea of ​​Galilee obeyed your command and the waters remained calm.
You are still the Lord of sea and land.

We live under the shadow of a danger over which we have no control;
the gulf, like a giant incited and angry,
can wake up from its apparent lethargy,
overstepping its conventional boundaries, invading our land,
and spread chaos and disasters.

During this hurricane season we turn to you, merciful Father.
Save us from tragedies similar to the past, whose memories are still raw
and whose wounds refuse to heal over time.

Oh, Virgin, Star of the Sea, our beloved Mother,
we ask you to intercede with your Son on our behalf,
what for, free from the calamities common in this region
and animated with a true spirit of gratitude,
let us follow in the footsteps of your divine Son
until you reach the heavenly Jerusalem,
where an eternity free of storms awaits us.


[Compuesta por Mons. Maurice Schexnayder (1895-1981), segundo obispo de Lafayette (1956-1973), después del huracán Audrey en el año 1957]

Prayer to Calm a Hurricane

Celestial father,
We cry out to you from every corner of this earth, please stop this hurricane!

The people and the city are like straw before the wind when the storm blows with its devastating force. The terrors reach with the waters every inhabitant of this area. have mercy on the innocentforgive all sin and quickly quench the hurricane winds.

This giant came out furiously, turns and bursts mercilessly. He goes his way flooding with horror and unleashing despair in the city where your children live. Torrential rain, hailstones and unleashed gale force winds have upended the homes and lives of thousands.

But you Lord are slow to anger and great in power. Do not march in the hurricane and in the storm, get away from it for love of your little ones who suffer under its waters. Hear the cry of the thousands who pray against this hurricane. Hear our prayer for our brothers and sisters who might get hurt, and/or lose everything they have.

Have mercy, O Most High, and stop the storm in its tracks. Now we are going to follow the example of our Lord when he calmed the storm on the sea, and we rise up in faith to rebuke this hurricane saying: “Hush! Be silent!”

May the wind cease, may its strength end, may the rain end, may the floods flee, may there be a great bonanza, and may all your children celebrate your salvation.

In the name of Jesus,



Prayer against earthquakes

God and our Lord, I ask you to deign to show your mighty helppreserving my nation and the entire world from earthquakes and how many calamities you know.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive our sins and do not allow us to have to go through the hard time of an earthquake that destroys our homes and puts our lives at risk. Have mercy on us.

Bless God, protect, defend and keep as your thing the people who inhabit this world, preserve them from all misfortunes and accidents.

Grant us above all the important grace of avoiding sin, pray for us who have consecrated ourselves forever to you Lord.

Lord God, who strengthened the earth on its foundations, have mercy on all of us who are frightened and listen to our pleas, so that, completely removed from the dangers of the earthquake, we experience your mercy without ceasing and safe with your protection, we serve you grateful.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit and is God for ever and ever.



fire prayer

Celestial father,
Today I join thousands praying for the fire in (name location) to be put out. This area is a magnificent work of your hand, a marvel of your creation.

Now, the wonder you created is suffering. The trees suffer, the animals suffer and the inhabitants of that region suffer. But tomorrow, we will all suffer, because if these flames do not go out, we will lose a vital lung for this region.

The human race is so fragile, oh Lord, if those precious trees are consumed, what could we replenish them with?

Have mercy, oh Lord, and send your rain, send abundant water from heaven to quench the raging flames.

Send a storm of blessings so that the advancing evil may be stopped by the waters of your mercy. Me and all of us who get up to pray, say: Put out the fire! Let it rain and end the destruction!

In the name of Jesus!.



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