Pilgrims meet again with the Holy Christ of La Grita


The Christian ritual of visiting the image of the saint will continue until next Sunday.

For the celebration of the 412 years of Santo Cristo de La Gritra, the Táchira state government carried out an operation involving more than 900 officials from the different regional and national security forces to protect pilgrims and seasonal visitors.

The action that plans to provide care to the faithful who year after year visit the town of La Grita in the Jáuregui municipality as part of the Christian ritual of visiting the image of the Holy Christ will last until next Sunday.

The device will remain in 25 points located in the four municipalities that contemplate the pilgrim’s route: Andrés Bello, Jáuregui, José María Vargas and Seboruco. For this, troops from the National Guard, Civil Protection, Fire Department, National and State Police will remain available.

The secretary general of the government, Geovat Huérfano, affirmed that they estimate the attention of the faithful with attention and hydration points throughout the route.

“Everything is ready so that peace reigns and the pilgrims can walk calmly to their spiritual encounter with the Holy Christ of the Scream, since during the tour, on the instructions of Governor Freddy Bernal, they will be guaranteed safety, medical attention and hydration,” assured.

Huérfano stressed that the participation of 600,000 walkers is expected, who have arranged routes (within the entity and outside of it) in which they will travel in the town of La Grita. The routes go from San Cristóbal, Michelena (Michelena municipality), Pregonero (Uribante municipality), La Fría (Garcia de Hevia municipality), Coloncito (Panamericano municipality), San Simón (Simón Rodríguez municipality) and Bailadores (Rivas Dávila municipality of Mérida state). ).

He reiterated that the faithful walkers must undergo a medical check-up to undertake a journey that exceeds 70 kilometers.

“Spirituality is in line with health, the tour should not be carried out without the physical conditions or without a preventive check-up”, he claimed.

During the pilgrim’s route, the presence of 200 professionals is expected to be in charge of immediately attending to those who require first aid, as well as 24 ambulances.

The Secretary of Government insisted on the biosecurity measures that must be maintained in order to avoid contagion of covid-19.

As part of the tribute that will be paid to the holy Christ of La Grita, the plastic artist Óscar Olivares began the elaboration of a mural whose material is made up of more than 20 thousand plastic covers of different colors that were collected.

This action is part of the constant campaign to care for the environment and promote the culture of recycling, hence the artist, who has already done this type of work in other parts of the country, presents himself as a defender of the planet.

“Each of these tapas represents faith and our belief (…) we have linked the festivities of Santo Cristo with the care of the common home, this represents the value of the faith of this people.”

The work is carried out with the support of the Frelat Foundation, whose mission is “to promote the potential of communities and promote the quality of life of societies through actions and activities related to health, education, sports, culture and the environment. ambient”.

Olivares stressed that the production of tapas in all its variations that are produced in the country is a determining factor for the elaboration of the mural.
“Venezuela produces 13 types of shades of blue that allow us to create the facade of the serene face of Christ,” pointed out.

Pilgrims meet again with the Holy Christ of La Grita – News Barquisimeto