Peppe Servillo, Ambrogio Sparagna and Cristina Donadio start the conclusion of “Animaverso 2022”


The appointments scheduled for October between Conca Dei Marini, Scala and Tramonti, on the occasion of the fifth edition of “Animaverso”, are various and varied.

On 1 October in Conca Dei Marini in Campo San Pancrazio we start again with the show “La Festa degli Ulivi” by Carlo Faiello.

On 8 October there are two appointments, at the Church of San Giovanni Battista in the Campinola district, in Tramonti, to continue the review. At 17.30 the meeting “A Story with the Humble” – dialogue on Sant’Alfonso Maria de Liguori with the participation of institutions, historians and Ambrogio Sparagna, one of the most important faces of European popular music and to follow, at 19.00, They stopped the Heavens and the popular music ensemble with Ambrogio Sparagna e Peppe Servillo, historic voice of Avion Travel. The show “They stopped the Heavens ” proposes some popular religious songs and others specially composed by Ambrogio Sparagna entrusting them to the very original interpretation of Peppe Servillo and a group of popular instruments including a giant bagpipe, spread in the kingdom of Naples starting from the end of the eighteenth century precisely in order to accompany the typical repertoire of spiritual songs.

The theatrical and musical reading of the Neapolitan actress follows on 9 October at the Convent of San Francesco di Tramonti Cristina Donadio who will perform in “Passionate”. The concert show directed by Gigi Di Luca and with the musical accompaniment of Mario Crispi, Giovanni Seneca and Francesco Savoretti, is a tribute to the Mediterranean woman to the places where her essence is alive, to her eternal beauty and her resistant grace and Passionate.

October 15 will be the time instead of “From Parhenope to Medina“With Giovanni Mauriello in Piazza Municipio di Scala while the artistic and cultural exhibition will close Animaversoat the Church of Sant’Alfonso Maria de ‘Liguori in Scala, Fiorenza Calogero in “Donna Madonna ”on October 16.

AnimaVerso – Itineraries of Art, Culture, Wellness on the Coast”Is a festival financed by Campania Region and co-financed by Municipalities of Minori, Atrani, Conca de ‘Marini, Scala and Tramonti for the conception and artistic direction of Gigi Di Luca. The project is part of the program of the Poc Campania 2014 – 2020 strategic line “Urban Regeneration, Policies for Tourism and Culture”, a program of tourist-cultural, naturalistic and enogastronomic itineraries for the tourist promotion of Campania.

There is a strong need for silence, for feeling, for an inner search that puts man in contact with his essence, with the roots and the spirituality of the places that surround him. Search to find yourself and recognize the other who is close to you. The AnimaVerso festival, which for the first time arrives on the Amalfi coast with immense pleasure, is a lighthouse that, with art, will be able to illuminate itineraries, paths and wonderful places ” announced Gigi Di Luca, artistic director of the festival.

Official location of the festival will be the Amalfi Coast. The event involved five municipalities of “La Divina”: Minori as the leading municipality, Atrani, Conca dei Marini, Scala, Tramonti. Communities that for years have been organizing exhibitions, events, historical-artistic initiatives in order to enhance the beauty of their territories.

The events already started in April of this year come to an end in the month of October 2022, a complex of musical experiences with important artists with a calendar of itineraries, nature walks, artistic performances inspired by the theme of spirituality and well-being, workshops, as well as unusual guided tours.

The event, in addition to having a function linked to the seasonal adjustment of tourist flows, also aims at a function of disseminating good practices trying to stimulate the development of greater sensitivity in the participants towards conservation and environmental protection issues, enhancing their value.

“I express great satisfaction as mayor of the municipality leading this project – he declared Andrea Reale, mayor of Minori – for the basic reasons that have pushed five municipalities of the Amalfi Coast to forge a synergy, in the name of promoting the territory, linking it to the enhancement of historical-architectural itineraries, of the great gastronomic heritage and of the landscape beauties, expressed in the paths that they connect the coast and the Amalfi mountains. I also hope on behalf of the other mayor colleagues a revival of the tourism sector, also thanks to the cultural initiatives planned in the AnimaVerso festival. “

An appointment not to be missed.

All scheduled events of the review “AnimaVerso 2022”Are free while seats are available.


Peppe Servillo, Ambrogio Sparagna and Cristina Donadio start the conclusion of “Animaverso 2022” – MediaNews24