Paulo Coelho: his faith in a world hungry for spirituality

Today, one of the most influential writers on the contemporary scene, the author of a best seller such as The Alchemist. We are obviously talking about Paulo Coelho. The literary genre of him is very difficult to describe if one has never come across it in one of his books.

His essays and novels are real you travel in the soul of the people. Light Paulo Coelho it means reflecting above all on the meaning of life, looking out on a world rich in sacred and esotericism, from which it is difficult not to leave changed.

Paulo Coelho – Photo Ansa -Boris Roessler

THEn an increasingly materialistic West, dedicated to consumerism, stripped of great ideals and disenchanted by the creed of Religions, Coelho pushes us to rediscover the sacred of everyday life. And if his books are so acclaimed today, perhaps this tells us that today we are hungry for spirituality more than ever before.

Coelho: a master of life after The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho he is able to build in each of his books a new world in which to discover and find oneself. Real journeys into the soul in search of the profound meaning of things, which seem to enrich your existence every time. It is no coincidence that various show business characters such as Jim Carrey for example or Will Smith, have publicly claimed that they have changed their way of dealing with life once they have read Paulo’s books. This is because Coelho, without dogmatism, transports to the search for the sacred. It leads you to touch the extraordinary nature ofexistence he was born in destiny of every man, and how in the end the world is not reduced only to what we see. But above all it is what we cannot explain what changes our existence.

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One of Coelho’s most famous phrases taken from The Alchemist is “the world is in the hands of people who have the courage to dream and to take the risk of living their dreams“. An emblematic phrase from the book that made it known in 1988 to an international audience. Paulo really believes in dreams, and in his books he teaches people to have trust in life. That there is a destiny and a path already plotted more great of us. Neither The Alchemist the protagonist experiences a thousand ups and downs, pains, and humiliations, which at that moment make no sense and cause him a profound disappointment. But in the end looking back, like dots in a puzzle they had been part of a journey that had forged him and led him exactly where he needed to go. Paulo therefore presents us with a choice: we can believe that things happen to us or for us. Depending on how we react, our existence will then depend.

Paulo’s counter-current spirituality in today’s world

Coelho makes the spiritualitythe intangibility of life, within everyone’s reach. It is no coincidence that in his books he tells how the achievement of wisdom and light is actually “the path of a simple person“. The wise man is a simple person. And the wedding ring it is not a divine nectar to be plucked on Everest, but an earthly experience, concrete it’s up to us to decide we want to experiment. All we need to do is learn to see and recognize the miracle that is in us and around us. Coelho’s will is basically to lift the veil of the appearance and superficiality of existence to show us the supernatural of life. And without a doubt the Brazilian writer’s work has entered the hearts of the people. He knew how to ask himself counter-current to the disenchantment of modern reality, in which materialism and cynical pragmatism prevent man from questioning himself on the questions of existence.

Paulo Coelho – Photo Ansa – Boris Roessler

In the West there is talk of a search by modern man for one new spirituality he was born in the imminent decline of monotheistic religions, perceived as sources of discord and hatred on earth. Coelho somehow denies and confirms this thesis at the same time. If on the one hand, in fact, he embraces and never disdains in his books very different spiritual experiences. We often find in his stories old wise men, sorcerers, theories of esotericismand some certain influence of Hindu philosophies. This does not lead at all “to the death of Christ”For him, but on the contrary to a greater awareness of his existence. Modern man having acquired greater intellectual freedom, today has even more possibilities and ways to approach God. Coelho dances with the dervishes, talks with the shamans, meets the ancient sages of India and talks with the angels. Because conceives the religious spirit as a joy and a revolution.

Paulo Coelho: his faith in a world hungry for spirituality