Paolo Fox weekly horoscope from 21 to 28 November 2022: incredible forecasts for the day


This is a very strong period that expands your connection with the spiritual side of life. Your faith will be intense and your perception of the subtle sharpened. Psychological and subconscious issues tend to express themselves more intensely, but in a sense of healing, liberation and transcendence. Your faith tends to be renewed during this time. Beware of escapist attitudes. Keep in mind that you need to pursue this expansion in a healthy way.


This period brings you a great connection with the collective. You will be much more aware of global movements, ecological issues, group memberships and friendships. All this with a very emotional and spiritual tone. We need to use sensitivity to help many. Contacts with spiritually related people may occur. Expansion also thanks to technology and innovative ideas.


This period brings you a great sensitivity that must be channeled into works and achievements in the world. You will see greater purpose or have powerful insights into your career, duties, and responsibilities. Strong magnetism to change your material ways and direction in your profession or as a father, mother or authority in general. Deep surrender to greater goals.


This period greatly mobilizes your faith and ample possibilities. You will see the bigger picture of things and be willing to understand the deeper meanings of events. Abandon yourself to the flow of life. Travel, higher education, and adventures can be beneficial, as long as they allow for the natural flow. Your faith will be somewhat mystical and you will be able to deconstruct old beliefs with ease.


This period brings you a great connection with your subconscious mind. You will get rid of old emotions with ease. The changes here tend to be helpful, even when you can’t currently figure out why. Your sexual energy will be intense, but you will also need a soul match, something that has real affection. Transcendence of what is no longer compatible with its essence.


This period will be very significant in the experience of relationships and collaborations. There are intense forces that motivate you to express your sensitivity to the other. You will also have to deal with the sensitivity of others, helping you in your processes. Love here must be universal and disinterested. You will have more clarity about the nature of relationships and how to act.


This period brings you deep energies that need to be channeled into something useful and fruitful. Your spirituality will be strong, but it will lack practical support, works, rituals and results. Your energy for work will be high, but it must transcend irrelevant details. Your health will greatly benefit from energetic and spiritual practices now.


This period brings you intense energies to vibrate and be true to your essence. You are more in charge of your life, but not everything is under your control; you will need to trust the flow of life and the direction of your higher self. You will be more open to venturing out, being creative, experiencing love, and expressing more of your playful and spontaneous side.


This period deeply awakens the need for acceptance, coexistence, affection, the pursuit of dreams and intimacy. Your home will be a point of makeover and also of experiencing your own spirituality. Try to focus more on your intimate, less externalized life. Erasing old patterns, family problems and strengthening roots.


This period greatly increases your intellectual and intuitive faculties. Your mind is now more open to higher standards of reasoning. Your communication also tends to be more transcendent and spiritual. The need to help those around you will be great. More developed mediumistic and/or psychic abilities. Dissolution of old ideas.


This period brings you spiritual and psychic energies applied on the material plane. Your magnetism to create, nurture and generate value is very high, at one of the most propitious times for you to co-create your material life. You will have more spiritual and expansive values. Regeneration through meditative and energetic practices. Transformation in the relationship with material goods.


This period is especially intense for you. Both of your rulers are in your sign (solar or rising), bringing you great transcendence, connection to spirituality and the whole. But also great connection with yourself and your essence. Strong magnetic power and faith to channel and create your life according to your wishes and plans. Emotional and universal fluidity.

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