Octavian. Feast of the parish of San Leonardo di Noblac. Spirituality and tradition together

Octavian. From yesterday until Sunday 6 November the parish of San Leonardo di Noblac celebrates the feast of its patron saint, eagerly awaited and prepared with fervor by the community. San Leonardo is a “frontier” church: being at the crossroads between San Giuseppe Vesuviano and Ottaviano, it hosts a mixed community that does not coincide with a single area but attracts and gathers faithful from all over the world (San Gennarello, Ottaviano, San Giuseppe and also from farther). Precisely for this reason it is special, like its varied festival of initiatives, between fun, conviviality and the sacred of the triduum for the patron saint, always in the sign of spirituality.

The party opened with a mass presided over by Bishop Monsignore Marino; today there is the appointment with Eucharistic adoration followed by a moment of prayer accompanied by the Marian Prayer Group of the Parish of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Pomigliano d’Arco and their guide, Rosa Lanza Sorrentino, who will also hold a catechesis .

The statue of San Leonardo in the parish

There will be no shortage of the party’s musts: the festival, the lottery and the sale of sweets. The “Games without chains”For children, animated by the young people of the parish. Yes, because the community of San Leonardo also lives of many children, also engaged as participants and educators in the various sectors of the Italian Catholic Action (“CA of the boys”, “very young” and “young”). What does the party mean to them? “The party marked the origins of my journey of faith, the first memory che of the parish is linked to the feast “– comments a young man from the parish. And he continues: “It is the part of the year in which the community confirms and expresses ‘walking together’ and ‘growing together’, because together we tackle everything about the celebration, from the spiritual to the playful aspect. “

Witness “God’s love poured into our hearts, which makes us fellow citizens of the saints and family members of God”- at the base of the feast of San Leonardo there is always the Sacred and the Sacrament. In the introduction to the program, Don Tommaso Lucania, the pastor of the community, reminds us to also live this moment in the communion of saints in the Church, always enlivened by the Holy Spirit, to “Uniting earthly and celestial realities in one great event, Easter, manifesting the bond of Christ with the Father”. This is the meaning of our “walking together”, outside of which there is only nothing and nothing makes sense.

Below, the program of the feast with the text of Don Tommaso:

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Octavian. Feast of the parish of San Leonardo di Noblac. Spirituality and tradition together