Numerology: Discover how to use it in your favor by knowing your mission in life

Along with the zodiacal signs, numerology is a method of divination which is used to gain deeper access to knowledge about ourselves, others and how we relate to the world.

numerology is the study of the mystical relationships between numbers, letters, and patterns. It can reveal our deepest desires and what we have to do to satisfy them, it is also a great tool to understand karma and what we are dragging from one relationship to another.

The origins of numerology date from the year 569 to 470 BC. The philosopher Pythagoras devoted himself to the study of the metaphysics of numbers and believed that each of them can be reduced to a simple digit between one and nine, because according to him, by understanding this digit it was possible to understand the magical and spiritual vibrations of the be.

How is your life mission number calculated?

Your life mission number shows the path that you have predestined and that you will be traveling during this life. It shows you your true nature, what makes you unique, and the karma debt you have to work through. To find your life mission number, you must add the number of the month, plus the day, plus the year in which you were born.

You must add the numbers of the day of your birth, then the numbers of your month and finally add the year. In case any of those numbers is double, you must decompose it, that is, if it is 19, you must go up 1+9=10 and so on until it gives a simple number. Later, you add all the main numbers, and as with the others it is reduced.

What is the meaning of numbers in numerology?

Number 1

represents a personality independent, self-sufficient, oriented and vivacious. He is a person who has an effervescent vibe. You come to find your identity with security and self-confidence.

number 2

represents a personality patient and tender, who takes his time when making decisions and who focuses his energy on fueling his confidence. You come to touch your emotions and develop your creativity.

Number 3

It represents a person who is very ssociable, communicative and studious. You can have a very close relationship with your siblings and your community. You come to touch joy, to develop your consciousness of power and to make good use of the decree, as this number symbolizes the magician.

Number 4

represents a person rigid, law-abiding, structured, who takes pride and finds comfort in adhering to social norms. You come to learn to negotiate, as well as to develop patience and prudence.

Number 5

represents a personality Fun lover, in search of freedom, who takes risks but is at the same time very responsible when it comes to mundane activities. You come to experience your freedom, but you must learn to forgive yourself and others, not hold a grudge, and stop using manipulation.

Number 6

Represents the need forleadership and authority in all relationships and areas of life. It has an ‘I take charge’ energy associated with it. You come to work on issues of jealousy, interference, self-centeredness and flattery, as well as to take care of lies, double standards and adultery.

number 7

represents the spirituality and intuition. There is a tendency for those who have this life number to relate strongly to associations, the psychic, sensitivity and spirituality. You come to give spirituality and dialogue to others, as this number symbolizes the wise. You will live with a certain tendency to isolation, because having touched the highest planes, you will feel that you no longer belong to it.

Number 8

It represents an affinity with the materialism, power and success. There is an innate desire to dominate the world. You come to work on issues of detachment to be able to let go and flow in life.

Number 9

Represents endings. allows us to see that holding on to the past can keep us stuck, which is why it is necessary and essential to evolve. You come to be altruistic and give yourself to others, as this number symbolizes community service.

Numerology can be a great self-knowledge tool. From the wisdom of the soul, you choose what you want to experience or learn, this is known as a life mission in numerology.

Numerology: Discover how to use it in your favor by knowing your mission in life