November 30 Extraordinary Concert at the Basilica of San Marco


On November 30 Extraordinary Concert at the Basilica of San Marco


San Marco, the spirituality of Vivaldi

celebrated by the Vivaldi Festival

After the great success of the second edition held from 21 June to 28 July last, the Vivaldi Festival, the prestigious event created last year in Venice by the Italian director and set designer Enrico Castiglione on the occasion of the 1600th anniversary of the foundation of the Serenissima, returns to Venice with a great musical event to pay homage to the spiritual dimension of Antonio Vivaldi, still not fully known and above all always a source of inexhaustible discoveries.

On November 30th, at 8 pm, an extraordinary concert will be held in the majestic setting of the Basilica of San Marco, exceptionally granted for the occasion, as a special event of the second edition of the Vivaldi Festival, entirely dedicated to the great sacred music of Antonio Vivaldi , with execution of pages such as the rarely heard Laetatum sum RV 607, the very famous In furore iustissimae irae RV 628, the Stabat Mater RV 621 and above all the monumental as well as fascinating Dixit Dominus RV 595, in which Antonio Vivaldi summarized his extraordinary inventiveness music also in religious and spiritual themes.

For the occasion, the Vivaldi Festival brought together an exceptional cast, with internationally renowned artists such as soprano Gemma Bertagnolli and contralto Sara Mingardo, assisted by soprano Monica Meneghello, tenor Gabriele Rizzotto and bass Alberto Spadarotto, accompanied by ‘Ensemble Vocale Academia Ars Canendi instructed by Meneghello herself and by the Sonatori della Gioiosa Marca, all under the direction of Francesco Fanna, one of the most appreciated and specialized conductors in the music of Antonio Vivaldi, current director of the Italian Antonio Vivaldi Institute of the Cini Foundation , with the television direction of Enrico Castiglione. Admission is by invitation and can be collected from 25 November directly at the Basilica of San Marco from 10 to 13.

Last year the Vivaldi Festival established itself right from the first edition as one of the most important national festivals, promoted by the Ministry of Culture, with the collaboration of local authorities, with the participation of the major Venetian institutions (including the Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi of the Cini Foundation, official partner of the event) and famous international artists such as Cecilia Bartoli and Vivica Geneaux and musical groups such as the Solisti Veneti, among others, with concerts and events that involved all the most emblematic places in the city in finally paying homage organically to the Red Priest, as Vivaldi was called because of his reddish hair, precisely in Venice, the city where Antonio Vivaldi was born in 1678.


November 30 Extraordinary Concert at the Basilica of San Marco –