New Year, synonymous with personal challenges

Normally when a new year begins we reflect on what we did during the last twelve months and decide to make changes in our life to make it better. Each New Year is synonymous with restarting our life plan.

But before writing a list of projects for the New Year it is necessary to know the difference between so-called goals and objectives. These two words that look so similar but in the exercise are totally different.

The difference between these is very simple, the first is one that you draw without putting a date and the second is a purpose that has a start date and expiration time.

To start the pages of a new story on the right foot, it is necessary to carry out a balanced evaluation methodology and a goal planning calendar.

The first thing you should do and the most important thing is to create a list marking the positive things achieved in the year that is ending and what were the techniques used by you so that they will materialize; equally, your development plans, guides and activities that made you become a persevering and indescribable entity.

After being clear about what our strengths were in 2022, we have to evaluate the difficulties that prevented those important purposes from being carried out and those that have been postponed throughout our lives by the famous tagline “I’ll do it later”, a time that ends up becoming never.

This list must have all the things you want to achieve to have a comprehensive life, dividing it into several areas will simplify your development, family and couple life, personal, work, economic projects, financial savings, health, travel, spirituality, etc.

People should not bet their growth on a single area, what is dangerous, for example, they always focus on the economic, on how to achieve financial progress

Although there are people who value other aspects of comprehensive growth, there are still others in Dominican society for whom the economy is the most important thing.

A good financial habit is to consider having different sources of income. If you have your formal or permanent job, but you can generate other sources of income with shorter-term jobs, this extra income generated can become sources of savings or long-term investment, he says.

Another purpose should be to adjust the expenses according to the financial expenses. Learning to live on less than you earn will help your savings and avoid unnecessary debt

Playing sports is investing in health, preventing and maintaining a high defense to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the body.

Adding to this a balanced diet helps the brain. The stimulation of this organ is done with exercises, reading, but above all, sharing because it is a “social organ”.

Live as it was the last day

Enjoy every day to the fullest. Live with passion, in search of adrenaline. the hormone adrenocorticotrope, which produces adrenaline, it is ideal to eliminate tension from our body, it helps our heart to pump more blood, due to cardiac increase.

When adrenaline stimulates the brain, dopamine is secreted, known as the feel-good hormone. This is the main reason why many people find the act of releasing adrenaline addictive, constantly needing strong emotions.

New Year, synonymous with personal challenges