New Moon of January 21, 2023 in Aquarius: these 3 astrological signs will be impacted

Reading the horoscope can sometimes make you feel like you’re confined only to your sun sign. If the latter is of fundamental importance for your radiance, you may also know that the set of 12 signs actually forms a sacred mandala that you can activate, as one would rub an Aladdin’s lamp and this, with d so much more power, if you take into account what is playing in your natal chart.

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On the occasion of this New Moon, I suggest you have fun with 3 signs that are particularly affected by the planets. By understanding their mode of action, whatever your birth sign, you will be able to take full advantage of the configuration of the moment.

Relationships: raise the bar with Aquarius

What’s more enjoyable than relationships that resonate deeply with you? Aquarius has this ability to create the most improbable and exhilarating friendships. Bathed in its beneficial rays, we feel confident, light, capable of meeting all challenges because we know that we do it together, it’s obvious. Only one condition to benefit from this affluence in your life: avoid any conscious or unconscious attempt to control the other or the relationship. Neither jealousy, nor emotional dependence, nor guilt have their place here. At the slightest attempt at manipulation, the lethal weapon of the last air sign could come crashing down in the form of distance and detachment. This January 21 gives pride of place to Aquarius, because it welcomes both the New Moon and a magnificent Venus-Saturn conjunction, favoring the concretization of the highest and most disinterested impulses of the heart, as long as we respect the rules of the game. To learn more about this mechanism, I invite you to watch my new moon video.

How do you bring this beneficial energy into your life?

Amplify your emotional intelligence with Scorpio

The New Moon will conjoin Pluto ruler of Scorpio. This energy from the depths is unparalleled in unearthing “hidden agendas” and poking where it hurts, to dislodge anything potentially unhealthy in a relationship. In any relationship and especially the most intense ones, vigilance is therefore essential in order to make the necessary awareness before committing the irreversible.

At the New Moon, it would be particularly welcome to set the intention of a great demand vis-à-vis ourselves, because it is in the narrowest spaces that our little inner demons find the faults and sabotage the best encounters.

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What is our greatest asset?

Magical communication with Gemini

Talking is such an ordinary activity that we often have too little awareness of the power that is at play in our words. Mars has resumed its direct march since January 12, which has the effect of freeing speech with a regenerated impact force. Yet, we should wield this tool with care in order to unleash its magic in the direction we truly desire. Indeed, after these long weeks of demotion, the risk is to get carried away and let go of the horses a little too quickly. If spontaneity and humor are welcome when they are well aligned, it will be a question of forbidding any will of denigration based on muddy emotions, failures or disappointments… because, in these energies Aquarius of high level, the boumerang effect could be immediate!

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In summary, Aquarius opens its arms to us and lets us see a little taste of relational paradise. However, this ideal is deserved and requires updating our ego reflexes. Let’s wipe our feet well before entering!

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New Moon of January 21, 2023 in Aquarius: these 3 astrological signs will be impacted