Musical encounter with nature at the “Don Paolo Chiavacci” Center

The traditional musical encounter with Creation, scheduled for Saturday 2 July at the “Don Paolo Chiavacci Center of Culture and Spirituality” in Crespano di Pieve del Grappa, will have a completely new look. Before the actual concert which will see the performance of the Bassano Bluespiritual Band at 6.30 pm – this year five workshops have been scheduled open free of charge to children, teenagers and adults. The concert is also free.

The first workshop will be the encounter with the celestial vault at the Planetarium of the Center where it will be possible to know the night sky, the stars and their life, the constellations and their “stories”, meeting planets, nebulae and galaxies. The second will focus on photography with Valter Binotto, a passionate photographer and naturalist. Binotto will teach how to photograph with mobile phones using digital techniques including “Time-lapse” to make visible what the human eye cannot otherwise see. The third will be an entomological meeting led by the members of the World Biodiversity Association Onlus. The objective of the course will be the knowledge of the insects and other invertebrates that populate the area. The fourth will be a botanical meeting with a walk to discover the plants and flowers of the woods surrounding the Center. The last proposal will be a visit to the Thermo-compost built in recent weeks in the house adjacent to the Center that produces biothermal energy that heats up to one hundred square meters of surface using composting consisting of twigs and pruning taken from the cleaning of woods, orchards, gardens and, in starts with food waste.

Participants will be able to choose up to two workshops and they will participate in shifts. To register, just show up before 15.30 / 15.45 for the first round, by 16.30 / 16.45 for the second round. At 6.30 pm the gospel concert entitled “Heal the world” – “Heal the world” will take place with the group “Bassano Bluespiritual Band” directed by maestro Lorenzo Fattambrini who will perform thirteen songs by famous authors and ”By Max Gazzè, to“ La cura ”by Franco Battiato to“ Heal the world ”by Michael Jackson up to“ Jesus Christ Superstar ”by Andrew lloy Webber. The lyrics of the songs in English with Italian translation will be distributed to the participants before the concert.

Since 2002, the official year of its birth, the “Bassano Bluespiritual Band” has stood out as one of the most interesting realities in the Veneto region to date. Born under the impetus of Gospel music, it then gradually proved capable of ranging in other musical areas: the repertoire was in fact enriched by passing from traditional spiritual-gospel songs to experimenting with blues, pop, rock and even music. classical music, in a kaleidoscopic musical proposal, always lively and engaging. Among the group’s missions “music that gives joy, serenity, energy and becomes a means of helping others to put oneself at the service of the weakest”. The event is organized by the “Don Paolo Chiavacci” Center, the association “Encounters with nature for the protection of Creation, Don Paolo Chiavacci”, the Opera Monte Grappa Foundation, the social and labor ministry of the diocese of Treviso, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Pieve del Grappa and the “Monte Grappa” Biosphere Reserve.

“We think this is a proposal consistent with the spirit of the Center which, as usual, helps people appreciate the beauties of nature by deepening the themes presented by specialists in the subject”, explains the director of the Chiavacci Center, Don Paolo Magoga. «It also wants to be an invitation to reconciliation, peace and respect for nature. We see how much destruction not only of human lives but also environmental destruction the war in Ukraine is bringing – we must therefore commit ourselves and act because change begins with ourselves, with small daily gestures that are able to soothe pain, stop crying and give hope”.

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Musical encounter with nature at the “Don Paolo Chiavacci” Center