Montefalcone and Smerillo welcome Don Francesco Capriotti. First Mass for the new Priest

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– Over 300 faithful in the square of the Domus Appennini. Family members, acquaintances and long-time friends, all present to attend the New Mass of Don Francesco. 35 years later, a new vocation for the mountain area. In 2 days, between the ordination at the Cathedral of Fermo and the Holy Mass in his Montefalcone, about 1000 faithful wanted to greet Francis and be close to him. Don Giordano De Angelis: “Having a new parish priest is a great gift for the Diocese of Fermo”. Francesco, after a few days with his family, will return to the Community of Corridonia where he has been appointed Deputy Parish Priest.

A moment of great spirituality for the whole Sibillini Community, a really important moment for the whole Diocese of Fermo. Yesterday morning, the new Priest Don Francesco Capriotti celebrated his First Mass in the country of origin, Montefalcone Appennino. To welcome him, over 300 faithful between family members, relatives, acquaintances and long-time friends. Also present the whole Community of Smerillo, to which Francesco has always been linked and the Mayors of the two Municipalities, Giorgio Grifonelli and Antonio Vallesi.

The ceremony took place in the suggestive square in front of the Domus Apennines, packed well in advance of the starting time. Many wanted to be present and express their closeness to Don Francesco in this very important stage of his life. Between nature, spirituality and great participation, the new priest led the Holy Mass with deep transport, accompanied by a large group of parish priests, including Don Giordano De Angelis, which for several years has followed the communities of Smerillo, Montefalcone and San Ruffino e Don Marco Zengarini, great friend of Francis, with whom he shared the priestly path. In the front row the family members of the young priest, including Mamma Antonietta, Papa Camillo and sister Eleonora, visibly moved and happy.

The Holy Mass, accompanied by sun and optimal temperatures, ended with the homage of Community of Smerillo and Montefalcone who wanted to be close to Don Francesco with very heartfelt gifts and thoughts: “Dear Francesco, we wish you to always keep this faith alive, so that you can lead the way as a priest in the best possible way, always listening to those in difficulty and extending their hand to you ”. After the celebration of the New Mass, Don Francesco wanted to thank everyone present with a convivial moment near the evocative former Cloister of the Friars, renamed precisely Domus Appennini.

In this journey towards the priesthood, Francis was also supported Don Giordano De Angelis, who stated: “Francesco is an after for the Diocese of Fermo and for the entire mountain territory. Sometimes, it is not necessary to have many priests, but the important thing is that they are zealous parish priests, attentive and ready to give love to people. I am sure that Francesco will give the best of himself on this path ”.

Being Priests is not a job, but a mission: “Today we live in a complex society, where the anxieties and needs of the faithful must be intercepted and understood. In recent years, far fewer people go to church and the same goes for young people. The new generations no longer understand religious rites and the word they want to transmit, perhaps because there is no catechesis or in the family the values ​​of the past are no longer transmitted, or we too, as a ‘Church’, are unable to give the answers suited to their needs. In this general framework, Young and ready priests like Francis, I am sure they can give new impulses to our spiritual reality, perhaps communicating better with young people and allowing many people to reconnect with the Church ”.

Any advice for your new ‘colleague’? “I tell Francis to live this priesthood in humility, remaining anchored to the Lord, because it is he who called him to carry out this mission ”.

And if, in the future, the Bishop assigns him to the Parishes of Montefalcone and Smerillo, would he be ready to welcome him? “Absolutely yes, I would welcome him with open arms – replies Don Giordano with a smile – obvious, in our area new forces are needed, but usually, the criterion is that a new Priest is not made to operate in his place of origin. The fact is that our Vicar has 14 parish priests, with an average age of 74, many are over 80 and it is not easy for them to continue with the same energies as in the past. Therefore, young and ready Priests like Don Francesco are welcome, I am sure that he will give his best wherever he is sent by the Lord ”.

For the whole day Francesco had a moment of listening for all present, dedicating himself body and soul between hugs, smiles, chats and tears of happiness. A very special day, how do you feel after such a heartfelt and important moment for you? “I feel happy and at the same time completely surrendered to the Lord. I know I am in his hands and I am ready to let myself be guided by him – says Francesco – It is a great feeling freedom and peace “.

And what do you feel like saying to this large crowd that has come here for you? “I am really happy to see so many friends and acquaintances. With each one I shared a moment of life that led me to be here today, a moment of profound spirituality that allowed me to draw ever closer to the Lord – concludes Don Francesco – I ask them to pray for me and support me on this journey, at the same time, beyond the geographical distance, I will certainly not abandon them, I will be available for any need “.

Montefalcone and Smerillo welcome Don Francesco Capriotti. First Mass for the new Priest