“Mirror of my desires. The Prison of Beauty”: Maura Gancitano and Nicoletta Fasano discuss it online

Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 6 pm by videoconference, Maura Gancitano will present “Mirror of my cravings. The prison of beauty” (Einaudi). The author will discuss it with Nicoletta Fasano (Israt).

The initiative is organized by Polo Cittattiva for the Astigiano and Albese – IC of S. Damiano, Municipality and Museum of Arts and Crafts of a Time of Cisterna d’ Asti, Israt, with Fra Production Spa, “Il Pellicano” Bookshop and Aimc of Asti. The meeting is free, open to all interested people and valid for the updating of teachers of all levels.

“The idea that beauty is something objective and natural is a modern superstition. In fact there has never been an era in which different aesthetics and sensibilities did not coexist. The cult of beauty has only recently become a prison: when the material constraints towards women have begun to loosen, the aesthetic canon towards their appearance has become rigid and suffocating, pushing them to search for an unattainable perfection. Herein lies the point: the idea of ​​beauty has undergone a shift in meaning with bourgeois society, from an enigma to a standardized model that colonizes women’s time and thoughts, often making them feel inadequate. The result is that we live in a time in which people could finally be free, but in which, on the contrary, only what meets certain parameters has value and dignity. Rethinking beauty beyond indoctrination and consumption means grasping it as a path to personal flowering, far from any type of external conditioning. In this book Maura Gancitano tells the story of a myth as old as the world and shows us how the discoveries of philosophy, anthropology, social psychology and data science can destroy an illusion that still prevents us from listening and following our authentic desires and to live our bodies freely” c

Maura Gancitano is a writer and philosopher. You collaborate with Radio1, «Vanity Fair», «Linus», «Donna Moderna». She released Maleficent. Transforming female anger (Tlon 2015) and, together with Andrea Colamedici, You are not God. Phenomenology of contemporary spirituality (Tlon 2016), Lessons of Wonder. Journeys between philosophy and imagination (Tlon 2017), Get rid of the good girl. Eight stories to flourish (HarperCollins Italia 2019), Take it philosophically. Personal Bloom Manual (HarperCollins Italy 2021) and Dawn of the New Gods. From Plato to big data (Mondadori 2021). For her, Einaudi has published Mirror of my desires. The prison of beauty (2022).
Nicoletta Fasano is a historian, researcher at Israt.

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