Michelle Hunziker and Ramazzotti, united by the same passion. And again accomplices

Michelle Hunziker And Eros Ramazzotti they are increasingly united, and their Instagram stories prove it. The former couple, who became very close after the separation of the presenter from Tomaso Trussardi, practice a martial arts discipline together, and returned to do so at the end of the summer holidays. Also close in sports, they may even return to work together soon.

Michelle Hunziker and Eros, the sport that brought them closer together

Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti are united by a great passion, that for kyokushinkaia sport similar to karate, which they practice together in the same gym. A few months ago, their teacher, Luigi Passamonte, told of this strengthened bond with sport. The man, on the pages of the Corriere della Serahad explained that the two former spouses had approached the kyokushinkai at two different times.

“It all started with Eros, I had not happened to find such a helpful person” explained the master. “Eros appreciated the spirituality of the kyokushinkai, and it was he who brought Michelle to us“. Hunziker came from a difficult period, during which she had suffered from stalking problems, and thanks to this sport she has regained that sense of security that she had lost.

“His application was exceptional, if he had not worked on TV, he could have been an athlete without problems” explained Passamonte. Now Eros and Michelle are back to training, strictly togetheras evidenced by the stories published by the singer and the presenter.

“Long last! Today I will review kyokushinkai with Senpai Simona ”she wrote, accompanying a video in which, wearing the karate jacket, she trains with her teacher. Instead Eros posted a behind-the-scenes look at the lesson with Michelle and their teachers.

In short, the most loved couple of the 90s is more united than ever, has found serenity, but will not get back together. Michelle seems to be in love with her new partnerGiovanni Angiolini.

How their love has turned

The one between Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker it seemed to be a fairytale love, which made everyone dream in the beautiful country. Then something broke, and that love became a nightmare, made up of quarrels, legal battles and vitriolic declarations.

Over the years, however, the two have gradually come closer, also for the love of their daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, and they discovered the pleasure of being friends and to become adults who leave evil and conflict behind.

And so, after the duet a Michelle Impossible on the notes of their song, The best thingthe two no longer hide, commenting on each other’s social posts, taking photos and videos together, with and without Aurora.

Mother and daughter also appeared in the Roman singer-songwriter’s latest music video, Loves. In short, certain loves are transformed, and they are the proof of this. In show business, where a divorce often coincides with a real war, they have laid down their weapons, and found new ways to be a family, because love has evolved into something else, but it has never gone away.

Michelle Hunziker and Ramazzotti, united by the same passion. And again accomplices