MIA suffered the most backlash of her career for saying ‘Jesus is real’

It took six years for MIA to decide to release a new album, “MATA”. Between one and the other, a pandemic has taken place, as we all know, but many other things.

MIA (real name Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam,) With “MATA”, he wanted to reflect especially on the clash between spirituality and ego. The polysemy present in the word “MATA” (in Spanish, to kill; in Persian, mother; in Greek, eyes; in Hausa, woman) has served him to delve into all these concepts through his music.

After releasing his new album last October, in a recent interview with Relevant he explained that this new work is based on his faith in Jesus, while maintaining his characteristic sound.

MIA affirmed that her public profession of faith in Jesus Christ earned her violent reactions, and that they even rained more than other occasions in which she has given other statements.

“The fact that I am facing the biggest backlash in my career and in my life after saying ‘Jesus is real’ is a huge eye opener for me. The people who control these apps prefer me to be a bad girl,” said the famous singer.

For the singer, her conversion to Jesus is a complete revolution compared to her previous lifestyle and beliefs.. she stated that she was raised as a Hindu and thought of Jesus as a “silly story” before that experience. She has generated controversy for her radical political activism which included her past support of a group designated as a terrorist by the United States. In 2006, she is said to have been barred from entering the said nation.

He also had to face a lawsuit with the NFL after he made the rude insult gesture by raising the middle finger during his number in the 2012 Super Bowl.

Although she was born in London, MIA’s family returned to her native Sri Lanka when she was a baby. There, her father fought against Tamil oppression and moved her family from Jaffra to Madras in India. When MIA was 10 years old, her family fled to London as refugees, where her mother became a Christian. Her father was an atheist who saw religion as a “form of control.”

“I feel like they showed me that Christianity is fake or a form of social control, done to colonize people. But I can never say that anymore because now I know the truth.”

MIA told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in a recent interview that she experienced being a “born again Christian” after having a supernatural encounter.. She claimed that she saw a “vision of Jesus Christ” in 2017 that “transformed her world.”

“Even if it costs me my career, I won’t lie. I will tell you the truth and I will tell you what is on my mind and in my heart. If I come back now saying ‘Jesus is real’, it is true”, the singer affirms emphatically.

Although she is still discovering her faith, the artist said that “the only clear thing I can say is that even when I didn’t believe in Jesus Christ or Christianity, and I was totally comfortable with Hinduism, It was the Christian God who appeared to save me”.

She predicted that she would lose fans because of her new faith in Jesus. “Basically all my fans could turn against me because they are all progressives who hate people who believe in Jesus Christ in this country,” she said in the Apple Music interview.


– MIA suffered the most backlash of her career for saying that ‘Jesus is real’

MIA suffered the most backlash of her career for saying ‘Jesus is real’