Meetings and itineraries in Harmony according to Nature

Why this event? How was it born?

The event “Encounters and paths in harmony according to nature” comes from the will of Manuela Vaselli and Raffaella Ruschena to bring people together in an energetically nourishing context, where being together is “seasoned” with opportunities for growth, self-knowledge and taking care of oneself and others.

In these last two years so complex for the history of humanity they have known and felt the call to Service, both in the holistic sector for a long time and on the way in the inner ways. They believe that there is a need to create opportunities to re-know each other and cultivate being together, to be able to confront each other with a spirit of brotherhood and the will to grow as individuals and as a community, respecting differences, considered precious treasures to be shared.

The event wants to be a weekend where the truth of the human-spiritual being can feel vibrant, real, present and in total harmony with Nature, of which we are part.

It will be a secular and humanistic, inclusive event, where to give voice and space to the blossoming of talents, and vocations in the various fields of art, science and spirituality.

There will be many free lectures and theoretical-practical insights, on topics ranging from food at km 0, to Sacred Waters, Bach Flowers, Archangelic Energies, Meditation, Past Lives, Family Constellations, Culture of the ancient Essene Wisdom … and much moreover.

Furthermore, free offer classes of Yoga, QI Gong and many holistic wellness operators available to introduce and experiment individual techniques and treatments of Reiki, Tibetan and Crystal Bells, Tarology Readings, Astrological Consultations, Aura Cleansing, Shiatsu, also for children from Yoga to Expression Pedagogy, a truly rich program.

In addition, many master craftsmen are present and welcomed with joy by the organizers, who are certain that craftsmanship is a beating part of the Italian heart, craftsmen who therefore exhibit their creations of rare beauty. In more musical spaces with artists from all over Italy and even workshops and workshops to learn how to dance like the whirling Dervishis, or play the Persian drum (Daf) with an authentic master, the artist Pejman Tadayon, or to learn how to build the own Genesa, all spent in an atmosphere of great relaxation.

The event will also see the presence of a very welcome guest and friend, Tiziana Alterio, writer, independent journalist, activist and great soul. Her always inspiring words about current affairs and social interest will be listened to.

Admission to the event is free.

The place hosting the event is surrounded by greenery, on Mount Subasio, among centuries-old olive trees and with all the accommodation services, hotels, restaurants, camping, so even campers are welcome.

It is also ideal to combine a visit to Assisi, in the splendid Franciscan places. The organizers add an invitation for everyone: “Come and visit us, we are waiting for you, for us it is a newborn creature, it is the second edition and we deeply believe in the value of events like this, we proceed with confidence in the construction work just like the craftswomen and humbly we try to flow also through mud and stones to give life to the new and always luminous humanity, convinced that together we can. “

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and Naturopathy on the Way:

by Sergio Tonon

Meetings and itineraries in Harmony according to Nature